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2 pianos

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4/8/2014 Perlongo-Wheatley Piano Duo, Gorell Recital Hall, IUP

Lake Breezes sounds a postcard of my native land, just west of the northern shore of Lake Michigan, in Michigan’s upper peninsula. Lake breezes develop when the land becomes warmer than the water. The warm air over land rises and gets replaced by the relatively cool air, which resides immediately above the lake surface. You can tell when a lake breeze forms when the wind abruptly becomes “onshore” (blowing from the water toward the shore). My introduction, in a decelerating rhythm, and later, the brief ending (codetta), in an accelerating rhythm, signify the sudden coming and leaving of an onshore breeze. The main theme, Slowly, Broadly, with simplicity, is formed from the bass accompaniment to the eight bar descending chord pattern, heard at the beginning in one piano. And the theme begins to take shape with the entrance of the other piano, gradually building up to its full expression. The development passes through areas marked in the score as Lightly, floating; Expressively, slightly agitated; Calmly, with a sense of mystery; Playful, bouncy; Vivaciously; and returning to the theme, Slowly, Broadly, with simplicity.

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multiple keyboards

See also version that is 6'

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