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Composer Title Scoring Instrument Year
Raoul Pleskow Frammenti 2 Clarinets in B-Flat, Harp, and Piano clarinet, piano, harp
Raoul Pleskow Moments Musicaux pour Eugene Piano and Three Instruments flute, clarinet, piano, viola
John Melby Symphony No. 7 Orchestra
David Liptak String Quartet No. 1 String Quartet
Lee Gannon Six Etudes for Flute Flute flute
Jody Rockmaker Let America Be America Again Baritone and Piano Baritone (voice), piano
Burton Beerman As I Feel Baritone, Cello, and Piano Baritone (voice), piano, cello
Joel Eric Suben THREE ADRIENNE RICH CHORAL SONGS SATB Chorus chorus mixed (SATB)
Mark Zuckerman Impulsive Ornaments Clarinet clarinet
Mark Zuckerman Soliloquy Viola viola
Philip Carlsen Able Was I 2 Cellos and 2 Sets of Block Drums Percussion, cello
Richard Brooks RAPUNZEL - piano vocal 4 singers, piano accompaniment - reduced from full score version
Samuel Wellman Ten Etudes for Alto Flute Alto Flute alto flute
Lee Gannon Lee Gannon: Music for Flute Flute and Piano (or Harp) flute, piano, harp
Lee Gannon Three Pieces in Crystal (for Flute and Piano) Flute and Piano flute, piano
Lee Gannon March for Flute and Piano Flute and Piano flute, piano
Michael Slayton softeR.Mutt.errings (for Flute, Viola, and Double Bass) Flute, Viola, and Double Bass flute, viola, double bass
David Liptak Music for Piano: 1981 - 2021 Piano piano
David Liptak Hocket PIano piano
David Liptak Droplets Piano piano
David Liptak Tori No Yoni Piano piano
David Liptak Kinetic Piano piano
David Liptak Bounce Piano piano
Elliott Miles McKinley Betwixt Bach Violin Solo violin
John D. McDonald Two York Peepholes Flute flute
Various - Collections and Anthologies Kokû - Twelve Contemporary Works for Flute Alone Flute flute
Daniel Tacke ...ohne thema Clarinet, Trombone, Violoncello, and Piano clarinet, trombone, piano, cello
Louis Karchin Three Images Piano piano
Louis Karchin Processions for Organ organ organ
Elizabeth Vercoe Irreveries from Sappho - choral SSA, piano chorus women
Elizabeth Vercoe Irreveries from Sappho Soprano, piano Soprano, piano
Elizabeth Vercoe Herstory III - Jehanne de Lorraine (Joan of Arc) Mezzo Soprano, Piano Mezzo-Soprano, piano
Glenn Stallcop Suite from "Existential Doubt" Piano piano
Elizabeth Vercoe HERSTORY II voice, percussion, piano Soprano, piano, Percussion
Elizabeth Vercoe SONARIA solo cello cello
T.J. Anderson Spring Song Harp harp
Brian Schober Veni Sancte Spiritus Organ organ
David Froom Second Ballade Piano with Yamaha DX-7 Synthesizer piano, synthesizer
Barney Childs VARIATIONS FOR DAVID RACUSEN solo horn French horn
Will Gay Bottje Three Flared Bells - trumpet, horn, trombone trumpet in C, horn, trombone French horn, trumpet in C, trombone
Martin Boykan ROMANZA Flute and Piano flute, piano
Avery Claflin LA GRAND BRETECHE SSTTB soli, male trio, orch:; 4-2-2-0; 3timp, hp, str pf (reduc) chorus men
Various - Collections and Anthologies Hushed - Sixteen 21st-Century Lullabies for Solo Guitar solo guitar guitar acoustic classical
Arthur Weisberg Trio for Oboe, Viola, and Bassoon Oboe, Viola, and Bassoon oboe, bassoon, viola
Michael Slayton Kleemation Oboe, Violin, Viola, and Cello oboe, violin, viola, cello
Daniel Perlongo Suite for Viola and Piano Viola and Piano piano, viola
Brian Schober A Winter Lullaby Guitar guitar acoustic classical
Alice Shields Apocalypse - Opera in Two Acts - Libretto libretto
Sunbin Kim SLOW CANCELLATION Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Piano clarinet, piano, violin, cello
Paul Paccione PIECE FOR UNACCOMPANIED CLARINET Clarinet clarinet