Apply for Administrative and Publishing Services through American Composers Edition

ACA is a nonprofit organization that publishes, distributes, and licenses music from its catalog. Annual sales of scores from the ACA catalog have increased exponentially since 2009. Musicians around the world are finding our catalog online at Performance royalties earned by the ACA catalog tripled from 2008-2018. Mechanical and streaming service royalties on recordings are also being collected on behalf of ACA composers. 

Why ACA?
Composers join a collective publishing catalog, promoting their works to reach a wider audience, including worldwide distributors of contemporary music and the general public. Affiliated composers run and manage the organization directly.

The ACA music catalog continues to be curated by its own affiliated composers, professors and leaders in the field of classical music. We add over 100 new works every year.

ACA does not require assignment of copyright by the composer, though certain aspects of copyright must be exclusively licensed to ACA in order for ACA to manage and administer services.

The ACA agreement is a revocable Grant of Rights that allows ACA to register as the publisher and be the exclusive administrator for sales, rentals, and other licensed uses of music.

Affiliated ACA composers share in the sales & licensing income through commissions paid to them by ACA. 
Earn more income from more sources by joining a publishing and administration collective such as ACA.

Any U.S. citizen or permanent resident composer can apply for publishing services through ACA.
You must first be affiliated with BMI or ASCAP before applying to ACA.
The application process for affiliating with ACA can take 1 to 3 months from the time the composer's application materials are received at ACA.

There are no stylistic requirements for the music published with American Composers Edition. Composers should be writing contemporary concert music - chamber, orchestral, or choral, at a professional level.

The composer should submit electronically -a minimum of two recent scores in PDF format, two live or studio recordings (audio or video links, or via Dropbox or, a current complete list of works with instrumentation, duration and detailed premiere info, and resume/bio/or CV that contains recent performances listed for the past 3 years.

*If a composer has been active for 20+ years, a custodial plan application may be required in addition to a regular ACA affiliation. 

To start the application process, please send materials by email, direct links, and drop box type services.
If using Email to send, please use this address: [email protected]

If you have further questions, please read the various information pages on this website or contact us:
Phone: 212 568 0036 General Email: [email protected]
American Composers Alliance  PO Box 1108 New York, NY 10040

See "About ACA" here