Composer Legacy Program

"What will happen to all my music scores and parts?....."

The Custodial Management Plan of the American Composers Alliance provides for the continued availability of the composer’s work for research, publication, recording, sales, and rentals, through the administration and publication services of the American Composers Edition (BMI) and American Concert Editions (ASCAP).

This visionary program allows for the preservation and continued distribution of ACA scores and performance materials in digital and print formats.

Access and availability is enhanced when the composer places their materials with ACA, to be listed and made available on

Current ACA composers who donated scores to the ACA library over the years will also enjoy archival services from Special Collections in Performing Arts at the University of Maryland, where ACA archives and score collections reside permanetly in a professional archive facility.

Composers and their estates retain copyright control of ACA-published music, while providing ACA with an exclusive license to distribute, sell, rent, license, and collect up to 50% (publisher share) of performance royalties for their ACA scores from ASCAP or BMI.

The ACA Custodial Plan is designed for the best possible benefit to the composer's legacy, whether materials are in physical or digital format (or both).  Scores and parts can be made available to conductors, performers and researchers around the world without printing and shipping through ACA's digital store.  Masters remain safe in the archive environment.

The ACA Custodial Management Program is an ongoing, long-term project shared between ACA publishing and distribution activities, and Special Collections in Performing Arts at the University of Maryland library.

The ACA archives contain decades of primary materials such as correspondence and papers of its founders, including Aaron Copland, Henry Cowell, and Elliott Carter, as well as the music scores--masters and recordings for over 500 American composers including Bulent Arel, Miriam Gideon, Robert Helps, Otto Luening, Hall Overton, Dane Rudhyar, Halsey Stevens, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Karl and Vally Weigl, and so many others.

Please contact ACA for more information, or fill out the online info request for the Legacy Plan.