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Sheet music publishing and distribution  - in print and electronic formats
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-ACA Presents:  new music concert events sponsored by ACA.
-ACA Founders' Series:  events co-sponsored by ACA featuring works from the archives mixed with new works. This series highlights artists working on behalf of American composers.
-ACA Performance Funds: concert events sponsored by other organizations presenting works by ACA composers, with funding available through ACA by application, for the support of performing artists.

ACA Services

The American Composers Alliance mission is to encourage performances of music by American composers.  We do this by making available a large catalog of music representing a broad spectrum of musical expression from 1900 to the present. Support services from ACA are provided for composers writing chamber music, choral music, new music, opera, dramatic and theatrical music, electronic music, and orchestral music.

ACA currently publishes over 12,000 titles of BMI-affiliated music. We distribute scores and sets in print and digital formats, provide orchestra, band and choral works by sale or permanent loan, and administer rights and fees, providing licenses for recordings, website audio and video streaming, documentary films; choral and dance concerts, chamber and orchestra performances; textbook and article reprints, arrangements and new editions, and many other uses.

Composers earn income through royalties on sheet music sold and licensed through ACA. ACA manages these aspects for its composers and supports their right to receive compensation when others' use their music.


The American Composers Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) educational organization that includes American Composers Edition and Composers Facsimile Edition, music publishing imprints affiliated with Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI).

In 1937, the American Composers Alliance (ACA) was first formed as an independent licensing association, to represent American-born or naturalized composers whose music was based on classical forms. In 1944, ACA became affiliated with the newly-formed Broadcast Music Inc.

After more than 80 years in service, the ACA catalog of musical works on deposit with ACA includes more than 12,000 works by more than 250 composers, including works from every year since 1905. The ACA Collection and Archives, located at the University of Maryland, contain scores and history files on more than 500 American composers who established membership at some point in the past. A long term digital scanning project started in 2008 to begin offering a substantial portion of the historic ACA Score Collection through online subscriptions and sales of printed and electronic scores. Thank you for visiting our website - we look forward to hearing from you.

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