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$25.95 two scores and CD for playback

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Instrumentation : 

Percussion, tape

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This work takes its name from the Voyager 1 spacecraft launched by NASA in 1977. As it flew past Saturn, Voyager used that planet's gravitational field to propel itself toward deep space, becoming the first human-made object to leave our solar system. Voyager's journey is immense. Traveling about 1,000,000 miles a day, it will take 20,000 years to leave the gravitational field of the Sun. Voyager will then enter deep space and travel for billions of years. At some point during this journey, the Sun will be no more than a charred cinder and human beings may no longer exist. But Voyager will be traveling on.

Ensemble Type: 

solo instrument(s) +audio or video playback

“It truly is a striking work, and I mean that with no pun on its percussive intensity.”

            “The percussion bangs and boings, sometimes repetitively in engaging patterns, while the electronic part judiciously articulates long ‘spacey’ sounds, sometimes in glissando as they are sped up and slowed down.”       
                           – Joseph Pehrson, New Music Connoisseur

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tape (audio) fixed media
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