Ben Weber


William Jennings Bryan "Ben" Weber (July 23, 1916 in St. Louis – June 16, 1979 in New York) was an American composer.

Weber was largely self-taught. He worked initially as a copyist and only came to recognition in the 1950s. Weber used the twelve-tone technique but, rather than avoid tonality, he worked with it and achieved a virtuoso Romantic style. He composed chamber music for various combinations of instruments, orchestral music including concertos for violin and piano, piano music, and songs.

Among those who admired Weber's music were Aaron Copland, Virgil Thomson, John Cage, Elliott Carter, Milton Babbitt, and David Diamond.

Weber received the Thorne Music Award in 1965. He authored his own memoirs, How I Took 63 Years to Commit Suicide, the year he died.


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Additional Works

Publ by Round Hill/E. B. Marks:

Fantasia Variations Op 25

Enchanted Midnight Op. 60

Mourn Mourn

Dolmen for Winds and Strings, Op. 58