Vally Weigl


Vally [Valerie] Weigl [née Pick] (1894–1982), Viennese musician, who studied piano (Richard Robert), composition (Karl Weigl), and musicology (Guido Adler, at Vienna University), after which she worked as Robert’s assistant, and with Karl Weigl at the Musikwissenschaftliches Institut of the University. She married Karl in 1921, and emigrated with him to New York in 1938, where she worked as a teacher and composer, and, after taking a masters degree at Columbia University, as a music therapist, becoming chief music therapist at New York Medical College, and authoring many journal articles in the field. Comprehensive works list at Karl Weigl Foundation.

ACE Publications

198 title(s)
Vally Weigl ALL DAY I HEAR THE NOISE OF WATERS voice, piano
Vally Weigl ALONG THE MOVING DARKNESS med-high voice, fl (or) vln (obl), pf
Vally Weigl ALONG THE WAY (choral suite)
Vally Weigl ALONG THE WAY (movement from ALONG THE WAY) ssa soli(OR)chor
Vally Weigl AND THIS WILL BE ALL? Voice,pf,vln,vla
Vally Weigl ANDANTE FOR STRINGS str qrt OR str orch
Vally Weigl APRIL
women's solo voices, flute(or violin) and piano
Vally Weigl AT A WINDOW medium high voice,vln(OR fl OR cl),vla,pf
Vally Weigl BALLAD OF MY FATHER, THE SATB chor, soli, pf
Vally Weigl BENEDICTION satb
Vally Weigl BEYOND TIME (Song Cycle) high voice, vln obl, pf
Vally Weigl BIRDS IN SPRINGTIME high (or med-high) voice, flute, pf
Vally Weigl BLACK ARCH OF THE NIGHT med voice, cl(OR vla)obl
Vally Weigl BLACKBIRD medium-high voice and piano
Vally Weigl BOLD HEART ssa(pf for reh)
Vally Weigl BRIEF ENCOUNTERS cl (or tpt or mez sop vocalise), fl (or ob or ehn), hn, bsn
Vally Weigl CALLS Bar OR Mez sop, pf,vln(or vla) obl
Vally Weigl CARDINAL IN MARCH voice, fl, pf
Vally Weigl CHALLENGE Mez sop (OR) Bar, fl(OR cl OR vln)
Vally Weigl CHERRY TREE (Version2) hn, ob(or fl), pf
Vally Weigl CHILDREN'S STORIES piano solo, piano 4-hands
Vally Weigl CHORUSES OF CONCERN SATB or unison chorus, and guitar
Vally Weigl CHRISTCHILD'S LULLABY 2 women's voices, pf
Vally Weigl CHRISTCHILD'S LULLABY mezzo soprano, fl(or ob), pf

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