Michael Udow


Michael Udow has composed three operas, film scores, orchestral and wind ensemble works, chamber music, and solo compositions. Michael's distinctive compositional voice alludes categorization. Quite often, his rhythmically engaging contrapuntal lines with dense timbres weave effortlessly with memorable melodic lines. His latest 2020 Animated Film to be performed live with orchestra, wind ensemble or 6-percussion with sound playback has received twelve laurel awards, including New York's Sound and Vision International Film & Technology Festival, Hollywood Verge Film Awards, Picasso, Einstein, Buddha Film Festival (India) and Bengal's Model N Movie International Shorts. In addition, Michael was the 2014-15 Composer-in-Residence with the Colorado Chamber Orchestra. Michael is a University of Michigan Emeritus Professor (1982 – 2011). He retired from his distinguished career as the principal percussionist with The Santa Fe Opera (1968 – 2009). Michael holds BM degrees in composition and percussion from the University of Illinois, where he also completed his MM and the first DMA degree in percussion performance. Oxford University Press published his 472-page book, Percussion Pedagogy, A Practical Guide for Studio Teachers, in 2019. The Rhode Island Philharmonic, Boulder Philharmonic, Colorado Chamber Orchestra, Madison Philharmonia have recorded Michael's works. In 2022, the DuPage Symphony Orchestra will be presenting Michael's Shattered Mirror Suite, preceded by a week of guest composer workshops. In addition, the world premiere of his multiple percussion concerto, Ancient Echoes, will be given by the Longmont Symphony Orchestra.

ACE Publications

65 title(s)
Michael Udow Abyss of Time for Percussion Ensemble, Harmonium, Piano, and Video 12 Percussion, Harmonium, Piano (2 Players), and Video
Michael Udow Abyss of Time for Percussion Quartet and Video Percussion Quartet and Video
Michael Udow Abyss of Time for Percussion Sextet and Video With Optional Chinese Instrument Orchestra Six Percussionists, Video, and Optional Chinese Instruments Orchestra
Michael Udow AFRICAN WELCOME PIECE Percussion Ensemble (12 Parts) and Optional 2-Part Chorus
Michael Udow Ancient Echoes Percussion Solo and Orchestra
1(+afl)2(2=EH)2(2=bcl)2 - 1000 - hp - perc solo - strings
Michael Udow Ancient Echoes - Perc and Winds Solo percussion, wind ensemble
Michael Udow Apparition - for Solo Timpani and Six Percussion Solo Timpanist and Six Percussionists
Michael Udow Apparition - for Solo Timpani, Piano, and Two Percussion Solo Timpani, Piano, and 2 Percussion
Michael Udow Arias & Recitatives for Tuba and Piano Tuba and Piano
Michael Udow Bayou Reflections (for Orchestra) Orchestra
3(3=picc)3(3=EH)3(3=bcl)2 - 222(2=btbn)1 - timp, 2 perc - strings
Michael Udow Bayou Reflections (for Wind Ensemble) Wind Ensemble
picc, 2 fl, 2 ob, EH, Eb cl, 2 Bb cl, bcl, ssax, asax, tsax, bar sax, 2 bsn, cbscn, 2 Bb tpt, 4 hrn, 2 tbn, tba, hp, pno, 2 perc
Michael Udow Black Shogun II Solo Percussion with Percussion Trio and Fixed Media
Michael Udow Bog Music Solo Percussion and 3 Percussionists
Michael Udow Concerto for a Percussionist with Strings Percussion Solo and Strings
Michael Udow Coyote Dreams for Marimba and Orchestra Marimba and Orchestra
22(2=EH)2(2=bcl)2 - 2000 - perc, hp - marimba solo - strings
Michael Udow Coyote Dreams for Marimba and Percussion Trio Marimba Solo and Percussion Trio
Michael Udow Coyote Dreams - Marimba - Wind Ens marimba, wind ensemble
Michael Udow Cycle, Retrace, Progress, Be Still Any Keyboard Instrument
Michael Udow Dinosaur Dance Solo Timpani and Percussion Quartet
Michael Udow Don't Look Back Violist and Dancer
Michael Udow Dreams 2-1+eh-2+bscl-2 strings
Michael Udow Dream for Solo Horn and Optional Actor Solo Horn and Optional Actor
Michael Udow Echoes of the Past - for large Wind Ensemble Wind Ensemble and Video
Michael Udow Echoes of the Past - for Six Percussion and video Six Percussion and Video
Michael Udow Echoes of the Past - orchestra version orchestra, video

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