Donald M. Wilson


A native of Chicago, Donald M. Wilson (b. 1937) studied composition with Karel Husa and Robert Palmer at Cornell University and with Gunther Schuller at the Berkshire Music Center (Tanglewood). In 1965 Wilson became the first music director of the educational FM station in Philadelphia now known as WHYY-FM. Now a professor emeritus at Bowling Green State University, Wilson joined the BGSU music faculty in 1967, taught music theory, analysis and composition for 31 years and chaired the Music Composition/History Department for two four-year terms (1973-77; 1994-98).

From 1983 to 1995 Wilson produced over 80 one-hour programs in the annual "New Music Festival" radio series for national distribution. A member of the American Music Center since 1964 and a member of the American Composers Alliance since 1967, Wilson became a founding member of the Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers in 1995. Three years later he was elected to the latter organization's Board of Directors.

ACE Publications

24 title(s)
Donald M. Wilson DEDICATION solo organ
Donald M. Wilson DO-IT-YOURSELF-STRING-QUARTET' KIT String Quartet
Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Piano
Donald M. Wilson FIBONACCI SONATA - PIANO QUARTET violin, viola, cello, piano
Donald M. Wilson HEXAGON Piano and Fixed Media
Donald M. Wilson ICICLES - LYDIAN PRELUDE solo keyboard
Donald M. Wilson Let us Sing Unto the Lord mixed chorus, piano
Donald M. Wilson MADRIGAL TTB, a cap OR TTB, eh, bsn, tbn
Donald M. Wilson MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE mixed chorus, piano
Donald M. Wilson NOCTURE for piano piano
Donald M. Wilson PRISMS for Organ org
Donald M. Wilson SETT 3 low instruments
Donald M. Wilson Seven Descriptive Preludes - one for each of the seven diatonic modes solo piano
Donald M. Wilson SEVENTEEN VIEWS 1 or 2 vln,slides &/or narr
Donald M. Wilson SIX ETUDES FOR CLARINET Solo Clarinet
Donald M. Wilson STABILE I For Two Pianos 2pf
Donald M. Wilson STABILE II 5 or more players:any comb of 2 or more high, 1 or more low instru: qnt, double qnt, str orch, etc.
Donald M. Wilson STABILE III "Ave Maria" for Triple Chorus and Percussion
3 choirs, 5perc, str or alt winds = ad lib.
Donald M. Wilson STABILE IV For String Quartet str qrt
Donald M. Wilson SUITE DE JOURNÉE harp and tape-delay effects

Additional Works