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David Mecionis is a self-taught composer, arranger, instrumentalist and music copyist whose work spans a wide range of musical genres. He started out as a rock-adjacent musician (Elliott Sharp, God Is My Co-Pilot, Baby Tooth and others) but eventually switched gears to writing classical music. His classical-influenced Grand Saxophone Quartet in E-flat minor was premiered by the Mana Quartet in 2007. He soon moved from tonality to atonality, always striving to incorporate and reckon with tradition. In 2016 he made the acquaintance of the brilliant Austrian-American composer Raoul Pleskow, who graciously consented to mentor David until the maestro's unfortunate passing in May of 2022.

David's music has been performed and recorded in the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Scandinavia and Russia. Recent premieres include Elegy for JoeyDie Sprechmasken von Hofmannsthal, Five Mirror Canons, and Table Canon for Two Clarinetists, Nos. 1 and 2. Both table canons were written for Italian clarinetists Guido Arbonelli and Natalia Benedetti, who have continued to perform the pieces on tour in and around Italy. In January 2020 they presented Table Canon No. 1 as part of their clarinet-composition Masterclass at Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Stuttgart, Germany alongside works by Kagel and Scelsi, and in August 2023 in the Fernando Grillo tribute concert at Chiostro della Pieve di Carpegna, Italy in a program that included works by Stockhausen and Diojenes. David's Grand Saxophone Quartet was recorded and released in 2022 by the Cobalt Quartet. David's duet for violin and cello, Five Mirror Canons, was specially selected by duo Dan Qiao and Carolyn Regula to be premiered on their forthcoming concerts and cd release. His new violin solo, Couple au lit, was written for and dedicated to Dan Flanagan, owner of the Jean-Louis Forain painting after which the piece is named. Mr. Flanagan is currently touring the piece around the U.S. and Europe as part of his solo presentation, The Bow and the Brush. David's music is published by American Composers Edition. He currently serves as Concert Director and Deputy Executive Director of the New York Composers Circle, where he enjoys planning and producing an annual series of concerts of new works by a diverse and growing community of member composers.

ACE Publications

9 title(s)
David Mecionis Couple au lit Violin
David Mecionis Elegy for Joey Flute and Viola
David Mecionis Five Mirror Canons Violin and Cello
David Mecionis Obstinate Duet Flute and Clarinet
David Mecionis Table Canon for Two Clarinetists, No. 2 2 Clarinets in B-Flat
David Mecionis Table Canon for Two Clarinetists, No. 1 2 Clarinets (1 in E-Flat Doubling B-Flat, 2 in B-Flat Doubling Bass)
David Mecionis Three Old-Fashioned Morsels One Treble, One Middle, and One Bass Instrument
David Mecionis Trio in Two Parts with an Interval Between Oboe, Viola, and Bassoon
David Mecionis Waiting in Six Lines Soprano and Flute

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