Shelter Music Recordings 2020-21

World Premiere, Shelter Recordings:

Professional musicians sheltering at home during the pandemic are helping American Composers Alliance to create promotional recordings of music from the vast ACA catalog.

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Use the button below for contributions to help us create more Shelter Recordings.  100% of contributions we receive for this project are used to pay musicians directly. Support in-home premiere recordings of music by American composers from tour vast catalog of music at We take requests! 

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Update May 8, 2023

As the coronavirus pandemic continued to cancel live performances across the world, many freelance performers found themselves suddenly without necessary performance income expected. In response, ACA's initiative to support players sheltering at home began: Shelter Recordings.

Professional musicians sheltering at home were invited to select works to record from the ACA catalog.  These are DIY, not in-studio recordings., and must be made during the artist's quarantine period.

The recorded repertoire came from two sources: works from ACA's legacy program, and works by active ACA composers selected in an ongoing call-for scores. Contributions received went directly to players'  fees. As projects were completed, they were posted here and on our Youtube channel.

Our warmest thanks for your support of this program, which allowed ACA to continue collaborating with the new music community through the pandemic.

Contributions to ACA are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. ACA is a public non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in the state of New York.