The Shelter Recordings

Shelter Recordings
Clockwise from upper left:  Andrea Lodge, Ran Cheng & Eliot Heaton, Aaron Larget-Caplan, Clare Longendyke, Peter Nelson-King, and Jay Sorce.

World Premiere, Shelter Recordings:

Leon Stein - Sonatina for Two Violins (Eliot Heaton & Ran Cheng, violins)

Andrew Ardizzoia - Rocking Song (Peter Nelson-King, voice)

Vladimir Ussachevsky - Autumn I and II - Two Autumn Songs (Peter Nelson-King, voice and piano)

Steven Christopher Sacco - Little Piece in Quarter Notes (Steven Christopher Sacco, piano)

Edward Jacobs - On Balance (Eliot Heaton & Ran Cheng, violins)

Frederic Goossen - Six Chorales for Organ (Carson Cooman, organ)

Donald Wilson - Icicles (Clare Longendyke, piano)

Donald Wilson - Nocturne (Clare Longendyke, piano)

Robert Helps - A Mixture of Time (Jay Sorce, guitar; Andrea Lodge, piano)

Lawrence Dillon - Solitude (Marina Kifferstein, violin)

Robert Carl - Growth Fugue (Quartet ES)

Barbara Jazwinski - dreams, interrupted... (Aaron Larget-Caplan)

Thomas L. Read - Eclogues Among the Ruins (Marina Kifferstein, violin)

Noel Farrand - Spring Song (Amy Petrongelli, voice; Clare Longendyke, piano)

Miriam Gideon - Tango Langoroso (Andrea Lodge, piano)

Joseph Dangerfield - Spokes of Venus (Megan Ihnen, mezzo-soprano & fixed media)

Allan Blank - Six Miniatures for B-Flat Clarinet (Bixby Kennedy, clarinet)

Charles Mills - Sonata Fantasia (Bixby Kennedy, clarinet)

Hall Overton - Three Elizabethan Songs (Amy Petrongelli, voice; Blair Salter, piano)

Frederick Tillis - Little David (Dorothy Gal, voice; Blair Salter, piano)

Eric Ziolek - Fragments (Kenneth Johnson, trombone)

Otto Luening - First Fantasia for Violin Solo (Taylor Giorgio, violin)

Elias Tanenbaum - Coming Together (Taylor Giorgio, violin; Kenneth Johnson, trombone)

Walter Mourant - The Piper (Valerie Gonzalez, voice; Craig Ketter, piano)

Irwin Fischer - There Is No Time (Valerie Gonzalez, voice; Craig Ketter, piano)

Irwin Heilner - Starlings on the Roof (Kate Maroney, voice; Red Wierenga, piano)

Jack Briece - Four Songs on Poems by John Ciardi (Kate Maroney, voice; Red Wierenga, piano)

Peter Westergaard - Spring and Fall: To a Young Child (Kate Maroney, voice; Red Wierenga, piano)

David Froom - Shades of Red (Rita Porfiris, viola)

Edward Jacobs - Six Humors (Anton Miller, violin)

Miriam Gideon - Sonata for Viola and Piano (Noémie Chemali, viola; Derek Wang, piano)

Frederick Tillis - Molto adagio, ad libito con espressione from "Three Movements for Piano" (John McDonald, piano)


Use the button below for contributions to help us create more Shelter Recordings.  100% of contributions we receive for this project are used to pay musicians directly. Support in-home premiere recordings of music by American composers from tour vast catalog of music at We take requests! 

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March 27, 2020

Update May 8, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to cancel live performances across the world, the music community suffers a major blow to its livelihood. Freelance performers find themselves suddenly without necessary performance income expected this year. In response, ACA's initiative to support players sheltering at home is underway: The Shelter Recordings.

Professional musicians sheltering at home are invited to select works to record from the ACA catalog. We will work with the musicians to create premiere recordings using equipment they have on hand. These are DIY, not in-studio recordings., and must be made during the artist's quarantine period. Artists are invited to select up to 2 pieces for this project. Fees are paid via Venmo, Paypal, or Chase Pay, usually in the range of $100-200 per piece.

The recorded repertoire comes from two sources: works from ACA's legacy program, and works by active ACA composers selected in an ongoing call-for scores. Contributions received will go directly to players'  fees. As projects are completed, they will appear in the list above.

Artists are invited to inquire or apply using the webform here.

Our warmest thanks for your support of this program, which is allowing us to continue collaborating with the new music community. Contributions to ACA are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. ACA is a public non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in the state of New York.