Miriam Gideon - Tango Langoroso (Andrea Lodge, piano)



Andrea Lodge has been hailed as a “Must-See”, and her performances have been noted as “Jarring and Compelling”. A specialist in the performance of contemporary music, she was awarded top prizes at the Eckhardt-Gramatté Canadian National Competition. Andrea lives in New York City where she performss regularly as piano soloist, with her husband, Jay Sorce as the Sorce/Lodge Duo, and with Hypercube, a cutting-edge new music quartet of saxophone, percussion, guitar and piano/accordion. Their debut album, “Brain on Fire” was released on May 1 on New Focus Recordings. Andrea is also an integral part of Nief-Norf, a contemporary music organization and summer festival focused on bringing together new ideas in performance, composition and research. As an educator, Andrea teaches at Adelphi University, Five Towns College, and at the Greenwich House Music School. She holds a DMA from Stony Brook University.



Miriam Gideon was born in Greeley, Colorado, where her father was a Reform rabbi. Her interest in composition soon became the primary focus of her creative energies. At Boston University, where she earned her bachelor's degree with a major in French literature and a minor in mathematics, Gideon continued to study music, and she returned to New York after graduation with a view toward a career in public school teaching. But the urge to compose absorbed her more and more.

In 1946 she earned her master's degree in musicology from Columbia University, but even before matriculation she began teaching at Brooklyn College. The eminent composer and intellect Hugo Weisgall, the chairman of the faculty at the Jewish Theological Seminary's Cantors Institute and Seminary College of Jewish Music (now the H. L. Miller Cantorial School), invited her to teach there, and thus began a fruitful, rewarding, and mutually beneficial affiliation for some forty years. Weisgall became a fervent champion of her music, and in 1970 she earned her doctorate (Doctor of Sacred Music) from the Seminary under his guidance.

Gideon felt that defined considerations of sonorities and technical devices wrongly mask the more important matters of emotional impulses—with which she believed there was insufficient concern in postwar 20th-century music. She cautioned that many composers were so eager to demonstrate facility that they didn't allow themselves to become personally involved in their own music.


Tango Langoroso - Miriam Gideon
Recorded at home in Queens, NY, June 2020
Andrea Lodge, piano
Mastered by Robert Scott Thompson, Aucourant Records.
Property of Shelter Recording Project, American Composers Alliance