Composers Recordings, Inc. LP Catalog Now Being Made Available by New World Records
Ussachevsky Festival Concert
Lawrence Dillon's "Schumann Trilogy" to be premiered at REDCAT in Los Angeles by the Idyllwild Symphony Orchestra
Emerson String Quartet gives US Premiere of Lawrence Dillon's String Quartet No. 5: Through the Night
Piotr Szewczyk performs Lawrence Dillon's Mister Blister
World premiere of Lawrence Dillon's "Genealogie" given by nu ensemble, conducted by Ransom Wilson
Philadelphia premiere of Lawrence Dillon's String Quartet No. 4: The Infinite Sphere
KHOJ, The Search for Light, by Jan Gilbert
Aaron Jay Kernis, Fiftieth-Birthday Celebration
The Golden Gate, an opera by Conrad Cummings
"Composers Play Composers" Sunday, Jan. 31 at club Drom
Treemonisha - orchestrated and arranged by T.J. Anderson to be performed in Washington DC, Feb-March 2010
"A Concert Tribute to African American Composers"
Song New York
The Other Side of Time - Brian Fennelly premiere
T.J. Anderson's memorial to Hale Smith
Bang on a Can - Summer Festival Residencies
Unique gift idea: The ACA Bulletin 1952-65; Set of 12 postcards
Two upcoming opportunities, new orchestral music readings; commission, for emerging composers
NEW JUILLIARD ENSEMBLE will present "Pulsations" by Hall Overton, January 25, Joel Sachs, conductor
Call for works for ACA Festival of New Music 2010
Congratulations, Leslie Bassett
Harley Gaber continues work as graphic designer;
Santa Clara University New Music Festival
Washington Square Contemporary Music Society, 33rd season