H. Leslie Adams duo arrangement of Heart of a Woman, to be performed in Paris, April 27
Life's Work: Songs of American Composers, on love and life; April 22
Margaret Mills solo recital - works by Schumann, Debussy, Schober, Wilson, April 28
Andrew Ardizzoia - "A Certain Stunned Muteness" at James Madison University, April 12
Cameron-Wolfe’s Lilith at Pomona College – Sunday, April 28
Whitman Songs by Darleen Mitchell, to be performed at SCI conference, April 12
Official re-naming - The Robert Ceely Electronic Music Studio at NEC, April 17
“Why am I Called to Speak?” -- New Lowens Room Exhibit at Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library Explores Dorothy Rudd Moore’s opera Frederick Douglass
John Eaton's Legacy - In celebration with music of John Eaton, Richard Cameron-Wolfe, Judith Sainte Croix, and more, March 30
Tenth Intervention plays music of Beth Wiemann, Nathan Hall, Daniel Tacke, Matthew Welch, May 2
Philip Carlsen's Susurrus for solo marimba, at Berklee College of Music, March 29
Music of Richard Brooks, Peri Mauer, David Mecionis, and much more, NYCC, March 19
Music of Scott Miller, Hubert Howe, and John Gibson among many others at SEAMUS national conference in Boston, March 21-23
NYVS performs choral music of Louis Karchin, Thea Musgrave, and more, April 13
Robert Gibson - world premiere of Night Eats Color, with Inscape Ensemble, April 7
ISB 2019 will feature Robert Gibson's quartet for double basses - Soundings
Louis Karchin - new album released on New Focus Recordings, March 22
David Froom's Petali Di Gelsomino - New York Premiere with North/South Consonance - March 17
Walt Whitman's upcoming Bicentennial highlights music by American composers
Music of Bruce Reiprich at NAU, March 5, and world premiere of Quivering in the Dark, March 9
Robert Scott Thompson's Nullius in Verba featured at Dialogues Festival Edinburgh, Feb 19
Doug Harbin's Music for Two Pianos, Percussion, and Voice, Feb. 23
"Dove Songs" album release of music by David Liptak, New Focus Recordings, March 15
Music of Gary Philo, Amy Reich, and James Bergin, DiMenna Center, Feb. 21
Margaret Mills plays music of Brian Schober, Gloria Coates, and more