Dellaira's The Death of Webern one of the “5 Best New Works of 2016" - Opera News
Serenity in Canada and in Russia
Scott Joplin upcoming Centenary year brings performances of his opera, Treemonisha
Robert Carl - What's Underfoot for 17 players, premiere Dec. 7th
High Praise for Louis Karchin's Jane Eyre "warmth, beauty" - Center for Contemporary Opera
Mark Thome's IN THE PAST receives premiere by Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia
Louis Karchin - premiere performances Jan. 29, March 15
Louis Karchin's Dreamscape - World Premiere in Venice, Nov. 19th
New work for Strings and Hammers, by David Liptak - at Madrid Festival, Nov 23-24
Bassist Hervé Rémond performs "Mr. T His Fancy" by Barney Childs
Harvey Sollberger single for flute and clarinet, on Albany's "Chimera"
David Evan Jones recording release "News from Afar" on Centaur
Werke von Weigl, Schönberg und Brahms, Köln, Dec. 4th
Music by Dorothy Rudd Moore, T.J. Anderson, at Atlanta Music Festival, Nov. 14-16
Brian Schober's monodrama WHITE WITCH to be performed at Roulette, Dec. 8th
Music of Hubert Howe, Richard Brooks, and Raoul Pleskow, Saint Peters Church, Dec. 6th
ACA Remembers Robert Ceely (1930-2015) with Seven Etudes, plus music of Beth Wiemann, Eleanor Cory, John Becker and Lionel Nowak, Symphony Space, Nov. 4th
World premire of Jane Eyre, An Opera in 3 Acts, by Louis Karchin, Oct. 20 and 22
Music of Christopher Shultis - UMBC, Oct. 28th
Harvey Sollberger's "A même rive-signes" for 24 flutes, world premiere Oct. 22nd
Versus - Irena Portenko and Friends
Robert Scott Thompson news - resident artist at ACA, plus three performances in Italy
Elliott Schwartz world premiere of String Quartet No. 3 by Kreutzer Quartet, Nov. 3rd.
Transient Canvas to play new work by Matthew Welch and more at Kent State U, Nov. 6th
Jessica Usherwood to sing music by H. Leslie Adams, Lori Laitman, and more, Oct. 23rd