News and Events

ICE Program Oct 2022 Upcoming Premieres of Lewis Nielson's Music in NYC Oct. 28, Nov. 9
Convergence Ensemble Music of T.L. Read Programmed on the Convergence Ensemble's "String Soirée"
AAASA Music of Dorothy Rudd Moore featured at UCI Festival, Oct. 15
Harlem Chamber Players Music of Frederick Tillis and more, Harlem Chamber Players season premiere concerts, Sept. 23,24
Udow PAS 2022 Galaxy Plays four Udow works at PASIC convention, Nov. 10
Niklas Sivelov World premiere of Catching Fire by Edward Smaldone, with Niklas Sivelov, piano, Sept. 13, 14
Frahm Lewis Trio World Premiere of Three Lyric Pieces by Steven Christopher Sacco, Frahm-Lewis Trio, Oct. 20
Collage New Music David Froom's Fantasy Dances, for 7 players, Collage New Music at MIT, Oct. 16th
Windows Album Richard Brooks' Music Released on "Windows" Album
ACMC Proximity Music of Robert Scott Thompson to be Performed in New Zealand
Guitar Ensemble NYC Works by Gary Philo and Richard Cameron-Wolfe on The Village Trip GuitarFest
CCO Gilbert Galindo - Hymns of the Sky premiere - Chicago Composers Orchestra, Aug. 6
Idaho Smaldone Edward Smaldone's Murmurations for Clarinet and Wind Orchestra, world premiere, Sept. 23rd
Uncommon Music Fest Choral works by H. Leslie Adams featured at Uncommon Music Festival, Sitka, Aug 6th
River series David Froom - works for string orchestra, River Concert Series at SMCM, July 22
 Elisabeth Halliday-Quan Agustin Castilla-Avila (Spain), Wladimir Rosinskij (Austria), and Richard Cameron-Wolfe (New Mexico, USA) at Scorca Hall, NYC, August 6
Wilson Hexagon Shrude Donald M. Wilson's Hexagon - premiere recording release July 22
Derrick Skye Derrick Skye’s Flames Nurtured the Rose - world premiere - Kennedy Center, July 24th
Nomads Oasis Nomads-Oasis featuring music by Richard Cameron-Wolfe and Scott L. Miller, Minneapolis, July 30
Liptak_New Focus Cover David Liptak's "Two Nocturnes" to Release on New Focus Recordings
Connections T. J. Anderson's Connections, a Fantasy for String Quintet (1966) performed by Tanglewood Fellows, July 2
MPA Revere scores 2022 ACA collections receive awards from the Music Publishers' Association 2022
Mark Peloquin at Bennington Alison Nowak, two pieces for solo piano at Bennington Museum, with Marc Peloquin, May 29th
Rapunzel rehearsal Rapunzel the opera by Richard Brooks - Live at Pittsburgh Festival Opera, July 9 and 11
Titus Underwood IDRS 2022 Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra by Ulysses Kay - IDRS concert with Titus Underwood, soloist, July 26