News and Events

20190702_groupj_klein.jpg Sunbin Kim's Pieces in Pieces, world premiere by But What About, Jan. 16
fredtillis.jpg Philip Bezanson Concert Series, with music by Fred Tillis, Robert Stern, William Karlins and more U Mass, Amherst, Feb. 25
rose.jpg Concert in honor of arts administrator and poet, Rosalie Calabrese, April 20
davidovsky.jpg APNM presents electronic music in honor of Mario Davidovsky, Dec. 19
astra_gasworks_01.jpg Music of Ruth Crawford-Seeger, John J. Becker, Kenneth Gaburo, Pauline Oliveros, Peggy Glanville-Hicks, Milton Babbitt, and more, with Astra Choir, Dec. 8
eurasia_2.jpg Music of Alice Shields, CMA Commission, Eurasia Consort: New York Premiere, April 25
se-hee_jin.jpg Piano works of Louis Karchin and John Harbison featured at ppIANISSIMO Festival Bulgaria, March 2020
elliott_schwartz_memorial_project_flyer2.jpg For a good cause, and honoring composer Elliott Schwartz, hear works by Philip Carlsen, Joshua DeScherer, Nancy Gunn, Josh Jandreau, Michael Schelle, and more, in Portland, ME Jan 18
froomsm.jpg David Froom's Violoncelletude, with 21st C. Consort in Washington DC, Dec. 21
mvemedia1.jpeg This Land Is Ours, featuring commissioned work by H. Leslie Adams, Jan 19
1234.jpg Louis Karchin's Piano Trio,at Winter Chamber Festival, the Fidelio Trio, in Dublin, Dec. 1
uncso.jpg Nightsongs by H. Leslie Adams selected for vocal competition winner's concert at UNC, Dec. 3
blue.jpg Scott L. Miller's The Blue in the Distance for immersive film and chamber ensemble, Premiere, Nov.15
Nextet David Liptak's Sticks, Bones & Dust - premiere, Nov. 18
november_11_kharkiv_poster.jpg “Richard & Co. at Cxid Opera” – Kharkiv, Ukraine, November 11
unnamed.jpg H. Leslie Adams - Creole Girl - at the season opening concert of Cheah-Chan Duo, Nov. 18
november_7_2019_in_kyiv.jpg Richard Cameron-Wolfe and David Froom featured in PARALLELS, PARADIGMS, PARADOXES – Kyiv, Ukraine, November 7
wavefield_mana_group1.jpg Lewis Nielson's Cilice, US Premiere with Wavefield Ensemble, Nov. 16
assai_quartet.jpg Premiere of Richard Cameron-Wolfe's "Telesthesia” - Netherlands - October 27
dacapoconcert.jpg Music of Louis Karchin, Jonathan Dawe, and more, Da Capo Chamber Players, Oct. 30
consort_home_2016.jpg 21st Century Consort plays music by David Froom, Hilary Tann, Evan Chambers, and more, Dec. 21
cordancia_ken_bello.jpg David Liptak's The Sleepers, Cordancia Chamber Orchestra, Nov. 9, 10
nmfbgsu.jpg Music of Marilyn Shrude and Louis Karchin at BGSU New Music Festival, Oct. 19
neophonia_oct_15.jpg Ninth Wave, for cello and electronics by Robert Scott Thompson, in concert at Georgia State and Univ of Wisconsin, Oct 15, Nov. 6
soli.jpg Robert Ceely's "Synoecy" for clarinet and tape, featured by Ensemble SOLI, Oct. 14-15