Strings and Electronics, New York Composers Circle, Sept 9

Strings and Electronics, New York Composers Circle, Sept 9

A Concert of New Music for Strings & Electronics, Featuring the Klang String Quartet and Guest Soloist Kinga Augustyn, Little Church Around the Corner, New York City. 

Little Church Around the Corner, Church of the Transfiguration
1 East 29th Street, New York, New York

Jacob E. Goodman — String Quartet No. 1 †
— I. Allegro
— II. Adagio
— III. Rondo

Catherine Neville — Mutunkuweap — for String Quartet †
— I. Sanctuary
— II. Grafton
— III. Mukuntuweap

Debra Kaye — Turning in Time — for solo violin
— Special Guest Soloist Kinga Augustyn, violin

Timothy L. Miller — Three Miniatures for String Trio †
— I. Going Someplace
— II. Having Been There
— III. And Back Again


Hubert Howe — Inharmonic Fantasy No. 9 — for cello and electronics

Kevin McCarter — Sketches From Nature— for solo violin ††
— I. Walking, with Wind and Leaves
— II. Along a Stream
— III. Among Birds
— IV. Flowers
— V. Recollections

Rushaniya Nizamutdinova — The Sun and Immersion — for electronics ‡

Eric Heilner — SQrt: Season 1, Episode 2 — for String Quartet

† World Premiere †† New York Premiere ‡ US Premiere

Featuring the Klang String Quartet
— Gregor Kitzis, violin; Katie Thomas, violin
— Arthur Dibble, viola; Molly Aronson, cello

Special Guest Soloist, Kinga Augustyn, violin