Robert Scott Thompson music selected for Mise-En Bushwick Open Studios 2018

Robert Scott Thompson music selected for Mise-En Bushwick Open Studios 2018
Submitted by ACA on 2018-09-28T21:00:00

2018 Bushwick Open Studios (weekend 28-30 September) at MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick will feature selected and curated electro-acoustic works from an international call for works competition. Selected works:

Amy Brandon (Canada): Hidden Motive (2018, US premiere)
Ana Dall'Ara-Majek (France): Bacillus Chorus (2016, US premiere)
Caroline Miller (USA): Subsong (2017, NY premiere)
Charles Van Tassel (USA): Crushing Cashews (2016, NY premiere)
Chatori Shimizu (Japan): Silichin Valley (2018, US premiere)
David Snow (USA): Brooklyn underground (2016, NY premiere)
David Q. Nguyen (USA): Misprints (2018, NY premiere)
Epa Fassianos (Greece): Chromatocosmos (2015, US premiere)
Grainne Mulvey (Ireland): Perisonic Trains (2017, US premiere)
Ian O'Brien (USA): The Portal (2017, world premiere)
Isaac Schankler (USA): Sad Trombone (2015, NY premiere)
James Wu (USA): Subway Project No. 3 (2013, world premiere)
Jennifer Zaylea (USA): Fall As One Nation (2018, world premiere)
Jeremy Stepansky (USA): Hyperreal Suite (2017, world premiere)
Joao Pedro Oliveira (Portugal): Tesseract (2017, US premiere)
Joel Lavoie (Canada): MIRU (2016, US premiere)
John Wiggins (USA): APRIL Combine (2018, NY premiere)
Joseph Bohigian (USA): Hepimiz Hrant’ız (2018, NY premiere)
Julie Herndon (USA): A Long Postlude (2018, NY premiere)
Levy Oliveira (Brazil): Golden Aspen (2017, US premiere)
Libby Fab (USA): phase transition (2018, world premiere)
Maurizio Rinaldi (Italy): Mobilis In Mobili (2018, US premiere)
MIchal Shapiro (USA): Flutterby (2017, world premiere)
Nicoletta Andreuccetti (Italy): Resounding Resonances (2018, US premiere)
Panayiotis Kokoras (Greece): Qualia (2017, NY premiere)
Robert Scott Thompson (USA): Flora of Fynbos (2014, NY premiere)
Sadah Espii Proctor (USA): Preface of a Gray (2017, NY premiere)
Scott D Miller (USA): Paganini Monotype (2018, world premiere)
Thomas McConville (Ireland): Intro (2011, US premiere)
Valentin Pelisch (Argentina): String Quartet (video piece) (2014, US premiere)
Vincent Eoppolo (USA): I Think America Has Got A Problem (2017, NY premiere)
Yoon-Ji Lee (South Korea): Liquid Noise (2016)

The works selected range from two minutes to an hour in duration, and highlight the diversity and quality of contemporary composition.