Celebrating the 2020-2021 Revere Awards of the Music Publishers Association

Celebrating the 2020-2021 Revere Awards of the Music Publishers Association
Submitted by ACA on 2021-06-11T18:00:00

ACA places in four categories - among the finest publishers in the business. The ACA editorial team Will Rowe and Simon Henry Berry together with engraver Eugene McBride have brought four Revere Awards for graphic excellence to the ACA publishing enterprise this year.   

Nights Transfigured, various composers - curated by Aaron Larget-Caplan won 1st prize for Guitar Music with music editing and engraving by the curator, the composers, and Simon Henry Berry.  In addition it won for book design and cover art by Simon Henry Berry. Concerto for 13 Instruments by recently deceased composer Martin Boykan won for Collated Music, excellence of  score + parts, in an engraved setting from Marty's manuscript created by Will Rowe with additional proofreading by Ross Bauer.  Sonatine for Viola and Piano by Ulysses Kay, was given to ACA in 2020 by the Estate of Ulysses Kay, after discovery in an archive by Dr. Juliet White-Smith.  It was engraved from the manuscript by  Eugene McBride and won first prize in the solo with accompaniment category. 

Much of our work at ACA is done by volunteer efforts and by generous colleagues working towards shared goals.  Making these scores excellent included work by Jennifer B. Lee, Curator, Performing Arts Collections at Butler Library, Columbia University, Virginia Kay, Juliet White-Smith, Susan Schwalb, Aaron Larget-Caplan, Ross Bauer, Eugene McBride, David Froom, Simon Henry Berry, Will Rowe, and others.