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PENDULUM for double bass and orchestra 3333 4321 perc(3) hp strings, solo double bass Glenn Stallcop
PENDULUM for double bass and piano db, pf Glenn Stallcop
DULCIMER SONG dulcimer T.J. Anderson
symbolum: palilogia [canon a6] string trio - vln, vla, vcl Daniel Tacke
Concerto for Piano and Percussion Orchestra piano solo and six percussionists David Liptak
As the Circle Opens to Infinity... septet: fl, cl, tbn, vln, vcl, perc(1), pf Louis Karchin
Two Choral Settings (Gilbert & Sullivan) Treble Voices SSAA a cappella Joel Eric Suben
SONATA No. 2 for PIANO pf Nancy Van de Vate
SENCE YOU WENT AWAY (Orchestral version) 1111 2000 harp, strings, high voice H. Leslie Adams
THREE RENAISSANCE LOVE SONGS women's choir a cappella Sydney Hodkinson
NEIGHBORS: Impromptu for Clarinet and Piano clarinet, piano Thomas L. Read
SONATA No. 1 FOR PIANO piano Will Gay Bottje
DANCE SONATA Op. 24 piano Marion Bauer
GRAND MARCH for trumpet and piano trumpet in Bb, piano H. Leslie Adams
THREE INTERMEZZI FOR STRINGS string quintet, or string orchestra Karl Weigl
ODE TO MY MOTHER voice, piano Darleen Mitchell
Expansions 2 2-2+Eh-2+bscl-2+cbsn, piano, strings Hubert Howe
MISTS AND WATERS Sop, cham orch: 1-1-1-1, hn, hp, perc, str 4tet (or str orch) Edward J. Miller
VOICE OF THE MOON oboe, piano Thomas L. Read
THE WIND IS FAIR (from Troubadour Songs) Baritone, harpsichord (or piano) Brian Schober
DANZA DI TRE BAMBOLE trio: piccolo, flute, piano H. Leslie Adams
and the heavens turned black orchestra Doug Harbin
Welcome All Wonders SATB, piano Robert Newell
WIND solo marimba Andrew William Thomas