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INSCRIPTIONS AT THE CITY OF BRASS Orch: 3-3-3-bcl-2-cbsn, 4-3-3-1,tmp,perc,hp,pf,bass,banjo,str(2-1-1),chor(satb),narr. Jacob Avshalomov
MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE UNTO THE LORD satb, ww, perc Jacob Avshalomov
LITTLE CLAY CART, THE voice,fl/picc,cl,banjo or gtr,3perc, vla,vcl Jacob Avshalomov
ONE,TWO,THREE FOR DAVID, for pf pf Jacob Avshalomov
OPEN SESAME!,for orch PIC-2-2-2-2,4-2-1-btbn,gl/xyl, timp,perc(3),pf,str(2-1-1-1) Jacob Avshalomov
FOUR BIBLICAL TABLEAUX 2222 4300 harp piano timp perc (1) strings Aaron Avshalomov
VISION, for piano pf Jacob Avshalomov
TWO OLD BIRDS sop,cl,pf Jacob Avshalomov
FLUTE CONCERTO - piano reduction flute, piano Aaron Avshalomov
SUBLIMATION sop(high), pf Aaron Avshalomov
FENG-HUANG (Phoenix) - Fantastic Ballet SAT(solo),SATB chor, 2-1/e hn-1-1, 2hn,hp,pf,perc,cel,str(or pf reduc) Aaron Avshalomov
THE K'E STILL RIPPLES TO ITS BANKS high voice, piano (score reduction) Aaron Avshalomov
STRING QUARTET in E minor string quartet Aaron Avshalomov
SYMPHONY 2 in E minor 3/pic-3/e hn-3-b cl-3, 4-3-3-1, timp, perc(4), cel, hp, pf, str Aaron Avshalomov
SYMPHONY 3, in B minor 3/pic-2-eh-Ebcl(pic)-2-BCL-2-CBSN, 4-3-3-1, timp,perc,Hp,Pf,Cel,str Aaron Avshalomov
THE WILLOW BRANCH sop (high), pf Aaron Avshalomov
CANTATA: HOW LONG, OH LORD contralto solo or baritone, SATB, orch or pf/org Jacob Avshalomov
CUES FROM THE LITTLE CLAY CART 2/pic-1-2-0; str, hp, banjo (2 or 3); 4perc Jacob Avshalomov
CUES FROM THE LITTLE CLAY CART,FOR CHAM ORCH 5winds,4perc,hp, banjo,str 2-1-1-1 Jacob Avshalomov
GLORIOUS TH' ASSEMBLED FIRES SATB & ORCH: 3-2-EH-2-BCL-2-CBSN,4-2-3-1, PERC (3),STR 2111 Jacob Avshalomov
HAIL THE 'GREAT LAND': Anthem for the State of Alaska VOICE & PF, OR CHORAL & PF Jacob Avshalomov
PEIPING HUTUNGS (Symphonic Poem) 3222 4331 perc(5) celeste, harp, xylophone, piano, strings Aaron Avshalomov
VIOLIN CONCERTO in D (On Chinese Themes) Piano Reduction Aaron Avshalomov
SYMPHONY 1, in C minor 3-2-2-2,4-3-3-1,tmp,hp,pf,str Aaron Avshalomov
PIANO CONCERTO IN G (Concerto on Chinese Themes) - reduced score for 2 pianos Aaron Avshalomov