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String Orchestra

An expressive work for string orchestra derived from String Quartet No.3 and Sigol Musings. There are two movements: 1)the lyric Dreams and Fantasies and 2)a vigorous Fugue. Written at Copland House (Aaron Copland Award) for the Woodstock Chamber Orchesta.

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$19.50 full score

Deux Plaisanteries



Eb alto sax, piano

1. Roll Jordan Roll; 2. Dangdut


Roll Jordan Roll’ (movement one) is a series of genre variations on the African-American spiritual of the same name. The melody was transcribed from a 78rpm recording of the Fisk Jubilee Singers, and in turn, this appeared on the 1962 Folkways LP entitled An Introduction to Gospel Song.



Commissioned by Mladé Podiúm Festival

Program Notes:

A chimera (pronounced kai-mir-uh) is a fantastic idea or image produced by the mind, and also describes a hybrid organism composed of different genetic materials. This is the second of a series of works for solo instrument and fixed media electroacoustic sound. Chimera No. 2 has 8 movements, which may be individually performed or presented as a smaller work of only a few selected movements.

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$14.95 score with CD audio

GRACE TO YOU (from Nightchants)



Men's chorus with Cantorial solo

A setting of Revelation in the style of Byzantine (Greek Orthodox) chant with texts in Greek and English. Composed as part of NightChants.


A Setting of the Revelation in "common Greek":

Eeoanees tes epta skleesies tes en dee Aseea:
John to the seven churches:

Haris eemeen ke ereenee apo Theoo o on ke een ke o erhomenos
Grace to you, and peace from the one being and the one who was and the one coming,

ke apo tohn epta pnevmaton a enohpion too thronoo aftoo, ke o arhon ton vaseeleon tes ghees
And from the seven spirits which are before the throne of him, and the ruler of the kings of the earth

to agaponti eemas ke lisandi apo ton amartion eemon en to emati aftoo
to the one loving us, and having loosed us out of our sings by his blood

ke eepiisen eemas vas vaseeleean ieries to Theo
And made us a kingdom, priests to the God...

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$9.95 single copy; Inquire for multiple copy discount for performance.