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Composer Title Scoring Instrument Year
Andrew Ardizzoia Three Blake Choruses TTBB Chorus, Piano chorus men, piano
Hubert Howe Harmonic Fantasy No. 4 Electronic Fixed Media tape (audio) fixed media
Robert Ceely PIANO PIECE
Robert Ceely LOGS 2 dbl basses double bass
Robert Ceely STRING TRIO violin, viola, cello violin, viola, cello
H. Leslie Adams HEART OF A WOMAN - duo version Tenor, Baritone, Piano Tenor, Baritone (voice)
Elizabeth Vercoe DESPITE OUR DIFFERENCES violin, cello, piano violin, cello, piano
H. Leslie Adams BLAKE: LAWD, SEND YOUR HOLY ANGEL SATB choir, 2 pianos chorus mixed (SATB)
H. Leslie Adams BLAKE: Miranda's Arioso and Lullaby Soprano, piano Soprano
H. Leslie Adams COME NOW, MY PEOPLE - from "Blake" SATB choir, piano chorus mixed (SATB), piano
H. Leslie Adams ARIA solo double bass, and piano piano, double bass
Tom Flaherty HOMO LOQUAX string quartet
Tom Flaherty SILVER PRIME HARMONY 2 vln, 2 vla, vcl, pf 4-hands, audience participation
Robert Ceely EXTENSIONS FOR PIANO solo piano piano
Robert Ceely DUOLOGUE trumpet in C, piano trumpet in C, piano
Robert Ceely MUSIC FOR TEN INSTRUMENTS pic, cl(a), cbsn, hn, tpt, btbn, hp, vln, vc, cb
Darleen Mitchell THREE MEDIEVAL CAROLS horn, tuba French horn, tuba
H. Leslie Adams Etude in B Minor (Part I, No. 7) solo piano
Andrew Ardizzoia Midsummer Pavanes symphonic band
Dorothy Rudd Moore ONE AT A TIME, TWO AT A TIME - voice and piano Mezzo-Soprano and piano Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, piano
Andrew Ardizzoia Quod erat demonstrandum… Fanfare for Wind Ensemble, Op. 45 large wind-percussion ensemble
Beth Wiemann An Anxious Awareness of Danger B-flat clarinet, vocoder (or synthesizer with vocoder), prerecorded electronic sound clips clarinet
Beth Wiemann ÜBUNG AM KLAVIER Baritone, piano Baritone (voice)
Beth Wiemann Eingang Baritone, piano Baritone (voice)
Beth Wiemann Der Nachbar Baritone, piano Baritone (voice), piano
Beth Wiemann Aus Einer Kindheit Baritone, piano Baritone (voice), piano
Wallace McClain Cheatham TOCCATA ON ACTS 2:1-4 A BAFFLING SCENE organ organ
Joseph Dangerfield COLOR SCHEMES 2 fl, pf flute, piano
Joseph Dangerfield POSTCARDS solo piano
Elizabeth Vercoe FOUR HUMORS clarinet, piano clarinet, piano
Elizabeth Vercoe FIVE INVENTIONS FOR HORN AND PIANO horn, piano French horn, piano
Elizabeth Vercoe ELEGY viola, piano piano, viola
Wallace McClain Cheatham COLLECTION OF SONGS voice, pf
Alice Shields CRISEYDE - Opera in Two Acts 5 solo singers plus 14 instruments
Raoul Pleskow CONTRASTS violin, piano violin, piano
Richard Cameron-Wolfe Mirage d'esprit Guitar Quartet guitar acoustic classical
Joel Eric Suben IMPROMPTU NO. 4 solo piano piano
Joel Eric Suben FOUR RHAPSODIES- vln-orchestra 3 Fl, Ob, BsCl, Hn, Tp, Tn, Tu, 1 perc, Mandolin, Hp, Pf (in orch), Strings violin
Joel Eric Suben FOUR RHAPSODIES- vln-piano violin, piano violin, piano
Ronald Roseman STABAT MATER S, fl, ob, vcl, hpschd
Ronald Roseman HAIL MARY Sop, fl, ob, vcl
Darleen Mitchell TOUSSAINT II FOR TROMBONE SOLO AND CONCERT BAND tbn solo, concert band trombone
Elliott Miles McKinley DREAM ANGEL vln, vla, pf piano, violin, viola
Emil Awad Maseveh marimba marimba
Tom Flaherty SEMI SUITE solo cello cello
Andrew Ardizzoia Memory, hither come SATB choir, piano chorus mixed (SATB), piano
Andrew Ardizzoia Sonata Concisa for Trombone and Piano Trombone and Piano trombone, piano
Joseph Dangerfield BROKEN OBELISK alto saxophone, piano alto saxophone, piano
Joseph Dangerfield DREAMS OF FIN vln, pf violin, piano
Darleen Mitchell O VOS ANGELI (In Praise of Angels) Soprano, clarinet, piano Soprano, clarinet, piano