Recently added

Composer Title Scoring Instrument Year
David Froom "Manna Variations" wind ensemble
Daniel Perlongo Solstice Morning piano four-hands piano
Darleen Mitchell City of Dreams (for voice and piano) voice and piano Baritone (voice), piano
Robert Carl Growth Fugue string quartet
Darleen Mitchell Sonatine for Horn and Piano Horn and Piano French horn
Joseph Dangerfield Echoes in the Snow SSAATB chorus with two soprano soloists chorus mixed (SATB), Soprano
Noel Farrand RETROSPECTIVE for Cello and Piano cello, piano piano, cello
Martin Boykan NOCTURNE cello, piano, percussion piano, Percussion, cello
David Froom Three Fantasy Dances wind ensemble
Bruce Reiprich Quivering in the Dusk, Grasses flute, vibraphone, harp, and piano flute, piano, vibraphone, harp
Bruce Reiprich Cradled In My Arms, Gently string orchestra
Daniel Tacke vorrücken solo percussion Percussion
Wallace McClain Cheatham GLORY HALLELUJAH SINCE I LAID MY BURDENS DOWN SATB mixed choir chorus mixed (SATB)
Francine Trester An Oman Odyssey soprano and piano Soprano, piano
Tom Flaherty Time's Up 2 pianos six-hands, 4 percussion piano, Percussion
Lawrence Dillon LET SLIP (for Pierrot+) Pierrot + flute, clarinet, piano, Percussion, violin, cello
Robert Ceely Canons alto flute, clarinet in A, and bassoon alto flute, clarinet in A, bassoon
Thomas L. Read Paracelsus Trio two violins and cello violin, cello
Marilyn Shrude SECRETS Soprano, string quartet Soprano
Richard Brooks String Quartet No. 6 "Dies Irae" string quartet
Lansing McLoskey Task Ahead Is Enormous, and There Is Not Much Time piccolo, violin, piano and percussion piccolo, piano, Percussion, violin
John Anthony Lennon bon mechants guitar and double bass double bass, guitar acoustic classical
Elliott Miles McKinley Memory Garden flute, cello, and piano flute, piano, cello
Lewis Nielson BETWEEN fl, perc(2) flute, Percussion
Lewis Nielson Already too far SATB, cello chorus mixed (SATB), cello
John Anthony Lennon Still the Fire alto saxophone, cello, and piano alto saxophone, piano, cello
Robert Carl DUKE MEETS MORT Chamber orchestra: 2-1/eh-2-ssax-2; 2-1-1-0; perc; str
Francine Trester Woodwind Quintet wind quintet
Michael Dellaira Hollow Hill Soprano and Piano Soprano, piano
Steven Christopher Sacco Three Lyric Pieces piano trio piano, violin, cello
Darleen Mitchell String Quartet: in tempore belli string quartet
Beth Wiemann UNTIL THE WAR IS OVER 4 singers (Sop, Mezzo-Sop, Bar, Ten), flute, alto saxophone, double bass, piano and electronic sound
Sunbin Kim Reliquary violin, viola, cello, and piano violin, viola, cello, piano
Raoul Pleskow Fantasy for String Quartet string quartet
John Anthony Lennon Serpent flute, harp, and viola flute, harp, viola
Lou Coyner SEED SEEKER solo flute and self-generated audio recording flute, tape (audio) fixed media
Martin Boykan EPITHALAMION Bass voice, violin, harp Voice, harp, violin
Francine Trester Dualities two violins violin
Francine Trester Sekelela SATB chorus and piano trio chorus mixed (SATB), piano, violin, cello
Francine Trester Robert Lowry Reader soprano and piano Soprano, piano
Jan Gilbert SUITE FOR STRING QUARTET AND VEENA String Quartet, veena
Jan Gilbert OF HELOISE: THE SONGS OF ABELARD Countertenor, viola Countertenor, viola
Sarah Meneely-Kyder LETTER FROM ITALY, 1944: A soldier's Story told in music - Chorus, Orchestra 1/pic-1/EH-1-1 2-0-0-0 hp pf/kb perc(2) strings, SATB choir
Sarah Meneely-Kyder LETTER FROM ITALY 1944 - Tenor, Piano Tenor, piano Tenor, piano
Peter Westergaard Moto Perpetuo flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, horn, and bassoon trumpet, French horn, oboe, flute, clarinet, bassoon
Dane Rudhyar THREE MELODIES FOR FLUTE, CELLO, AND PIANO flute, cello, piano
Joseph Dangerfield Valhol concert band
Francine Trester Walkers with the Dawn SATB and treble choirs, baritone solo, narrator, and orchestra chorus mixed (SATB), chorus children or treble voices, Baritone (voice), narrator-speaker(s)
Francine Trester Partita No. 2 for Solo Violin violin
H. Leslie Adams BLAKE 02 Oh John, My Love (Blake and Miranda) Soprano, Tenor, Piano Soprano, Tenor