Recently added

Composer Title Scoring Instrument Year
Roger Goeb GAMBOL orch: pic-2-2-2-2; 4-3-3-1; 4perc; str
Roger Goeb CONCERT OVERTURE orch: 2/1-2-eh-2-bcl-saxesAATT-2; 4-3-3-euph-1; timp; perc; str saxophone
Roger Goeb CONCERTANT 5 FOR ORCHESTRA 2/pic-1-eh-1-bcl-2; 4-2-2-1; 3perc; str
Roger Goeb ANDANTE AND VARIATIONS fl, 2 vln, vc violin, cello, flute
Robert Newell CLAP YOUR HANDS chorus chorus mixed (SATB)
Robert Carl THREADING SPACE - BRASS TRIO Trumpet in C, Horn in F, Tenor Trombone, laptop electronics (MaxMSP) trumpet in C, trombone, French horn
Mark Zuckerman SONATINA Recorder Consort (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass Recorders) recorder
John Lessard SONATA I for Piano solo piano
Lawrence Dillon CHILD'S EYE flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, alto sax, bassoon oboe, flute, clarinet, bassoon, alto saxophone
Allan Blank AUTUMN flute, string quartet flute
Lawrence Dillon PLAY ON WORDS cello, bass double bass, cello
Lawrence Dillon STILLNESS AND VELOCITY violin, horn, piano violin, French horn, piano
Andrew Ardizzoia Rhapsody for Oboe and String Trio violin, viola, cello, oboe
Andrew Ardizzoia Three Whitman Lullabyes voice and piano
Michael Dellaira Elegy for the Jewish Villages Baritone, contrabass Baritone (voice), double bass
Andrew Ardizzoia STONEWALL MAGNIFICATS perc (8) ensemble Percussion
Andrew Ardizzoia ROCKING SONG solo voice
Andrew Ardizzoia GARDEN OF EROS Tenor-piano or Baritone-piano Tenor, Baritone (voice), piano
Lansing McLoskey Sette grime på natta mixed choir SATB chorus mixed (SATB)
Halsey Stevens TWO OLD DANCES violin, piano violin, viola, piano
Thomas L. Read CONCERTO FOR OBOE AND STRINGS oboe, strings strings, oboe
Edward Jacobs Qualia (fanfare for five) 5 tpt trumpet
Bruce Reiprich Acquiescence violin, piano violin, piano
Thomas L. Read Toccata and Five Chorale Preludes for Organ organ
Robert Gibson MY HEART IS LATE ... violin, piano violin, piano
Andrew Ardizzoia RITMOS COLORADOS perc (8) ensemble
Andrew Ardizzoia SONGS OF INTROSPECTION high voice, piano
Thomas L. Read WELCOME INTRUSION solo cello cello
Louis Karchin TRIO FOR VIOLIN, CELLO, AND PIANO vln, vcl, pf violin, cello, piano
Hubert Howe Inharmonic Fantasy No. 9 for Cello and Fixed Media cello, fixed media audio
Louis Karchin TWO SACRED SONGS Soprano, piano Soprano, piano
Brian Schober DRIFTINGS flute, soprano sax, piano soprano saxophone, flute, piano
Tom Flaherty AFTERMATH solo violin violin
Scott L. Miller KATABASIS 4 instruments, more or less
Tom Flaherty CHRISTMAS QUODLIBET - string orchestra 5 part strings
Tom Flaherty CHRISTMAS QUODLIBET - string quartet string quartet
Tom Flaherty CHRISTMAS QUODLIBET - 4 violas 4 vla
Daniel Tacke ohne thema Clarinet, trombone, piano, violoncello cello, trombone, clarinet, piano
Brian Schober Etudes Constructives solo piano
H. Leslie Adams COMING BACK TO CLEVELAND voice, piano
Elliott Miles McKinley 101 for Nahre solo piano
Elliott Miles McKinley SHADOW DANCER piano, violin, violoncello violin, cello, piano
Raoul Pleskow THREE BRIEF SONGS Mezzo Soprano, piano Mezzo-Soprano, piano
Daniel Tacke symbolum: palilogia [fragmente] violin, viola, cello violin, viola, cello
Robert Scott Thompson NULLIUS IN VERBA electroacoustic computer music
Raoul Pleskow KONZERTSTUCK for CL, TPT, STR QUARTET sextet: clarinet, trumpet, string quartet trumpet, clarinet
Hubert Howe Harmonic Fantasy No. 3 electroacoustic computer music tape (audio) fixed media