Recently added

Composer Title Scoring Instrument Year
Raoul Pleskow CONTRASTS violin, piano violin, piano
Richard Cameron-Wolfe Mirage d'esprit guitar quartet guitar acoustic classical
Joel Eric Suben IMPROMPTU NO. 4 solo piano piano
Joel Eric Suben FOUR RHAPSODIES- vln-orchestra 3 Fl, Ob, BsCl, Hn, Tp, Tn, Tu, 1 perc, Mandolin, Hp, Pf (in orch), Strings violin
Joel Eric Suben FOUR RHAPSODIES- vln-piano violin, piano violin, piano
Ronald Roseman STABAT MATER S, fl, ob, vcl, hpschd
Ronald Roseman HAIL MARY Sop, fl, ob, vcl
Darleen Mitchell TOUSSAINT II FOR TROMBONE SOLO AND CONCERT BAND tbn solo, concert band trombone
Elliott Miles McKinley DREAM ANGEL vln, vla, pf piano, violin, viola
Emil Awad Maseveh marimba marimba
Tom Flaherty SEMI SUITE solo cello cello
Andrew Ardizzoia Memory, hither come SATB choir, piano chorus mixed (SATB), piano
Andrew Ardizzoia Sonata Concisa for Trombone and Piano Trombone and Piano trombone, piano
Joseph Dangerfield BROKEN OBELISK alto saxophone, piano alto saxophone, piano
Joseph Dangerfield DREAMS OF FIN vln, pf violin, piano
Darleen Mitchell O VOS ANGELI (In Praise of Angels) Soprano, clarinet, piano Soprano, clarinet, piano
H. Leslie Adams BLAKE'S MONOLOGUE Tenor, piano Tenor
Gary Philo DUOS FOR VIOLIN AND VIOLA vln, vla violin, viola
Philip Carlsen Cool Mosses Deep flute octet (piccolo, 4 C-flutes, 2 alto flutes, bass flute) piccolo, flute, bass flute, alto flute
Joseph Dangerfield PIANO QUINTET 2 violins, viola, violoncello, piano piano
Joseph Dangerfield REMNANTS solo piano
Mark Zuckerman PARAPHRASES for flute alone solo flute flute
Mark Zuckerman FOCUS vcl
Mark Zuckerman HOMONYMS piano solo
Darleen Mitchell Songs of Quiet Soprano, Flute, Harp Soprano, flute, harp
Darleen Mitchell THREE WHITMAN SONGS Baritone voice, pf Baritone (voice), piano
Marilyn Bliss ENCOUNTER solo flute
Andrew Ardizzoia LINGUA FRANCA cl clarinet
Nancy Van de Vate SIX ETUDES FOR SOLO VIOLA solo viola viola
Paul A. Pisk TRAIL OF LIFE, Op. 88 Sop, Bar solo, Mixed Choir, Narrator, Piano Soprano, Baritone (voice), chorus mixed (SATB), piano
Paul A. Pisk SONNET for Chamber Orchestra, Op. 98
Paul A. Pisk SONATA for Clarinet and Piano Op. 59 cl, pf clarinet, piano
Paul A. Pisk CARIBBEANA solo piano
Vally Weigl LULLABY voice, piano
Vally Weigl CHILDREN'S STORIES piano solo, piano 4-hands piano
Vally Weigl REFLECTION - HOW MANY NIGHTS voices, piano, opt vla or vcl
Joseph Dangerfield TWO SONGS Soprano, piano Soprano, piano
Joseph Dangerfield GEOMETRIC ETUDES solo piano piano
Robert Newell THE LOVE OF GOD SAB choral with keyboard chorus mixed (SATB)
Phillip Rhodes A TANGO FANTASY 1212 2100 perc(1), piano, strings
Lewis Nielson BOGEN UND KEHRE cello, percussion (1) cello, Percussion
Robert Gibson NIGHT EATS COLOR 10 players
Andrew Ardizzoia A Certain Stunned Muteness solo vibraphone vibraphone
Elizabeth R. Austin OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT SATB choir, piano chorus mixed (SATB), piano
Elizabeth R. Austin GOOD-BYE MY FANCY! high Baritone, piano Baritone (voice), piano
Robert Newell Cantilena a Quatro string quartet
Andrew Ardizzoia Modular Suite for Horn and Piano horn, piano French horn, piano
Roger Goeb TWO SONGS Mezzo, String Quartet Mezzo-Soprano
Roger Goeb SINFONIA 1 orch: 2-2-2-2; 4-2-3-1; timp, perc; pf; str