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Composer Title Scoring Instrument Year
Louis Karchin Lyrics 3 solo violin violin
Randy Nordschow FOR WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS 3, 4, or 5 singers, matched with 3, 4, or 5 percussionists Variable Voice(s), Percussion
Randy Nordschow VARIATIONS trio: flute, violin, piano violin, flute, piano
Randy Nordschow UNE SECONDE SCULPTURE flute a bec, gongs recorder, Percussion
Randy Nordschow TWO PIANOS 2 pianos with ebow placements piano
Randy Nordschow SUB-FORENSIC PICNIC solo percussion Percussion
Randy Nordschow FOR SOL LEWITT solo piano
Randy Nordschow DETAIL OF BEETHOVEN'S HAIR for PIANO solo piano
David Froom WARM ARE THE STILL AND LUCKY MILES SATB mixed choir chorus mixed (SATB)
Burton Beerman TRIO FOR CLARINET, VIOLIN, CELLO cl, vln, vcl violin, cello, clarinet
Burton Beerman STRING TRIO 2 vln, vcl
Burton Beerman PRIMEVAL MURMURS Chamber orchestra
Burton Beerman MANTRAS fl, cl, vln, vcl, pf violin, cello, flute, clarinet, piano
Andrew Ardizzoia Irretrievable Systems solo vibraphone vibraphone
Darleen Mitchell Suite from "A Soul's Journey" mixed chamber ensemble flute, clarinet, French horn, piano, violin
Matthew Davidson Rondo All'Ungherese string quartet
Matthew Davidson Sonata for Clarinet and Piano clarinet in Bb and piano clarinet, piano
Tom Flaherty Die Schöne Muellerin Report soprano, baritone, mandola (or guitar), viola, cello, piano
Tom Flaherty CONCERTO FOR CELLO AND ORCHESTRA - Cello and Piano reduc cello, piano cello, piano
Normand Lockwood Mass for Children and Orchestra children's chorus, orchestra chorus children or treble voices
Richard Brooks Sonata for Piano No. 2 solo piano piano
T.J. Anderson What Time Is It? boy's choir, jazz orchestra chorus children or treble voices
T.J. Anderson A Sonic Language soprano, piano Soprano, piano
Randy Nordschow SUCK-BLOW amplified trumpet trumpet
Randy Nordschow COMBINATIONS 2 vcl, singing bowls, piano cello, piano, Percussion
Darleen Mitchell ...and the whole world was glad soprano, flute, tuba, piano Soprano, flute, tuba, piano
Darleen Mitchell The Embrace soprano, flute, piano Soprano, flute, piano
Paul A. Pisk The Waning Moon (Op. 23b) voice, violin, cello, piano violin, cello, piano, Voice
Paul A. Pisk Three Songs (Op. 9) soprano + string quartet Soprano, strings
Paul A. Pisk Three Psalms (Op. 21) solo piano
Edith Borroff A House of Love baritone voice and piano Baritone (voice), piano
T.J. Anderson NEW DANCES FOR ORCHESTRA orchestra
David Evan Jones Evocation haegeum & kwaenggwari violin, Percussion
Wallace McClain Cheatham THERE SHALL COME FORTH mixed chorus, organ chorus mixed (SATB), organ
Wallace McClain Cheatham PSALM 117 mixed chorus, piano chorus mixed (SATB), piano
Wallace McClain Cheatham NEW LIFE IN AN OLD WORLD mixed chorus, organ chorus mixed (SATB), organ
Wallace McClain Cheatham IT IS GOOD TO GIVE THANKS TO THE LORD Choral, mixed, a cappella chorus mixed (SATB)
Wallace McClain Cheatham HE WILL PURIFY mixed chorus, organ chorus mixed (SATB), organ
Wallace McClain Cheatham GREAT INSTITUTIONS OF LEARNING mixed chorus, piano
Jan Gilbert EL TORO RELAJO 2121 1110 perc strings
David Evan Jones Hyperbolic Variations violin and disklavier violin
David Evan Jones Signs of Rain gayageum quartet zither
David Evan Jones Geometric Study solo disklavier
Thomas L. Read Fantasy Concertante flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano violin, cello, flute, clarinet, piano
John D. McDonald ALL TOGETHER NOW two flutes, piano flute, piano
Tom Flaherty SONGS OF THE VIOLA Soprano, viola, cello, piano Soprano, viola, cello, piano
Lewis Nielson Les Chansons de Gavroche percussion quartet Percussion
Marilyn Shrude AVANTI! alto saxophone and piano alto saxophone, piano
Robert Carl Splectra harp and live electronics electronic or computer live sound, harp