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Composer Title Scoring Instrument Year
Haim Shtrum Toccata for Thomas Newman for solo violin Solo Violin violin
Haim Shtrum Caprice No. 1 for Violin and Piano Violin and Piano piano, violin
Haim Shtrum Cadenza No. 1 Solo Violin violin
Haim Shtrum Caprice No. 4 for Solo Violin Solo Violin violin
Haim Shtrum Caprice No. 2 for Solo Violin Solo Violin violin
Francine Trester Fawn (from "An Oman Odyssey") Soprano, Baritone, and Piano Soprano, Baritone (voice), piano
Miriam Gideon GERMAN SONGS - low voice and piano low voice, piano low voice, piano
Andrew McManus pathways, bursting [neurosonics 2] String Quartet and Fixed Media Electronics violin, violin ii, viola, cello, tape (audio) fixed media
Thomas L. Read TREADMILL OF MY OWN SATB Choir chorus mixed (SATB)
Andrew McManus impulse response [neurosonics 4] Tenor Saxophone and Spatial Electronics tenor saxophone, electronic or computer live sound
Mark Zuckerman Four Hand Fantasia Piano Four Hands piano
Halsey Stevens TWO PIECES FOR FOUR CLARINETS 4 cl clarinet
Halsey Stevens DITTICO Eb alto saxophone (or Bb clarinet) and piano alto saxophone
Sunbin Kim Albumleaves Piano piano
David Liptak The New England Primer Soprano, Baritone, and Orchestra Soprano, Baritone (voice)
Elliott Miles McKinley Two Moods for Orchestra Orchestra
Scott L. Miller Exit Velocity Open Instrumentation
Haim Shtrum AUCKLAND CAPRICE Amplified Violin and Cello
Haim Shtrum QUARTETTO NUOVO String Quartet
Haim Shtrum Caprice No. 3 for Solo Violin Solo Violin violin
Haim Shtrum Contours for Solo Piano Solo Piano piano
H. Leslie Adams L'Extase d'Amour (The Ecstasy of Love) - Bassoon and Piano Bassoon and Piano bassoon, piano
H. Leslie Adams BLAKE 16 SHE STAND THERE LIKE SOME DARK ANGEL Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, piano Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, piano
H. Leslie Adams BLAKE 12 OH MAJOR MAJOR - HAS HE COME soprano, Bass baritone, soprano, piano Soprano, Bass Baritone
H. Leslie Adams BLAKE 09 YOU MUST BE MAD Bass-baritone, soprano, piano Soprano, Bass Baritone, piano
Elizabeth R. Austin Prague Sonata Horn and Piano French horn, piano
Halsey Stevens Arioso and Etude Double Bass and Piano piano, double bass
Scott L. Miller COINCIDENT Episode 4 Open Instrumentation
Various - Collections and Anthologies OBOE WORKS BY AMERICAN COMPOSERS: 9 PIECES solo oboe oboe
Paul Paccione Dialogue for Two to Four Pianos 2 to 4 Pianos piano
Elizabeth R. Austin Hommage for Hildegard Mezzo-Soprano, Baritone, Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, and Piano Mezzo-Soprano, Baritone (voice), flute, clarinet, piano, Percussion
Andrew McManus atlas fractures Wind Ensemble
Andrew McManus Strobe Chamber Orchestra
Andrew McManus embers, fused to ash Sinfonietta flute (dbl picc), oboe (dbl eng hn), clarinet, clar(dbl bscl), E-flat clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon, French horn, trumpet, trumpet in C, trombone, piano, Percussion, violin, violin ii, viola, cello, double bass
Steven Christopher Sacco Parables and Meditations Piano and Fixed Media piano, tape (audio) fixed media
Halsey Stevens BICINIA for Two Violins 2 vln violin
Richard McCandless CHILDHOOD Speaking Percussionist Percussion
Vally Weigl Connecticut Country Fair Clarinet (or Flute), Cello (or Horn), and Piano flute, clarinet, French horn, piano, cello
Joel Eric Suben IDYLS Two Pianos piano
Paul Paccione Tapestry Studies Piano piano
Lee Gannon Sonatine for Three Alto Recorders Three Alto Recorders recorder
Hubert Howe Inharmonic Fantasy No. 15 Bass Clarinet and Fixed Media bass clarinet, tape (audio) fixed media
Mark Zuckerman Organic Ingredients Organ organ
Richard Thompson Love's Apotheosis High Voice and Piano High Voice, piano
H. Leslie Adams BLAKE 18 LOVE DUET - I Hear Your Voice (Blake and Miranda) Tenor, Soprano, Piano
John Melby Symphony No. 6 Orchestra
Joel Eric Suben Seven Songs on Poems of Adrienne Rich Soprano and Piano Soprano, piano
Elizabeth R. Austin Zodiac Suite Piano piano
Halsey Stevens Four Folksongs of Touraine - Quatre chansons populaires tourangelles clarinet in B flat or basset horn, and piano clarinet, Basset horn, piano