Recently added

Lewis Nielson ZWISCHEN LANDWEHR KANAL UND FRIEDRICHSFELDE clarinet, violin, viola, and cello
clarinet, violin, viola, cello
Matthew Davidson Zwei Motetten SATB choir
chorus mixed (SATB)
Lionel Nowak ZWEI LIEDER NACH GOETHE Medium Voice, piano
Michael Slayton ZWEI GEDICHTE, fur Oboe, Violoncello, und Klavier cello, oboe, piano
Raoul Pleskow Zwei Albumblätter alto saxophone
Allan Blank ZULUS LIVE IN A LAND WITHOUT A SQUARE sop,pf,perc,dancer
Raoul Pleskow ZUEIGNUNG fl/alfl,vcl,pf
Matthew Greenbaum ZOOT SUIT violin, cello, piano
piano, violin, cello
Elizabeth R. Austin Zodiac Suite Piano
Elliott Schwartz ZIGGURAT fl(with tape made by performer)
flute (dbl picc), tape (audio) fixed media
Griffith Rose ZIGGURAT flute
Alice Shields Zhaojün - The Woman Who Saved the World Sop, Bar, fl, ob, perc(1), vln, vla, vcl, pf
Soprano, Baritone (voice)
Brian Schober ZEPHYRS flute
Roger Goeb ZEPHYR fl, cl, bsn
flute, clarinet, bassoon
Emil Awad ZAZIL 2222 4331 timp, 2perc, hp, strings
Lansing McLoskey zambaah flute (dbl picc), alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, piano, violin
Otto Luening YULE LOG SONG Three Part Chorus with Piano and Percussion
chorus mixed (SATB), piano, Percussion
Raymond Luedeke Ysaÿe Does It 4 violins
Nancy Van de Vate YOUTHFUL AGE Voice, piano
John Eaton Youth soprano, mezzo-soprano, jazz singer, tenor, baritone, flutes, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello, electronics
Tenor, Soprano, Bass (voice), violin, cello, flute (dbl picc), clarinet, piano, Percussion and Keyboards
Lawrence Willingham YOUNG PEOPLE'S ALBUM, op 14 piano
Walter Mourant YOUNG NIGHT THOUGHT s or a or t or b, pf
Beth Wiemann YOUNG CHARLOTTE Mezzo-soprano, Piano, and Prerecorded Electronic Sound
Lawrence Dillon you/he Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Bassoon, Mandolin, Guitar, Marimba, and Bass
Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, bassoon, marimba, double bass, guitar acoustic classical, guitar acoustic folk, mandolin
Irwin Fischer YOU WERE GLAD TONIGHT med.voice, pf
Medium Voice, piano
Matthew Greenbaum YOU CRACK ME UP Piano
Eric Ziolek YOU ASKED ME ONCE WHAT I WOULD REMEMBER for flute, English horn, violin ,viola, vibraphone and celesta violin, viola, flute, English horn, vibraphone, celesta
Darleen Mitchell You are the Love (Celtic Song from Iona)
John D. McDonald You Are Alone To Sleep Guitar
guitar acoustic classical
Jody Rockmaker Yiddish Choruses SATB Chorus
chorus mixed (SATB)
David Evan Jones Yeonpyeong Island electronic or computer live sound, flute, alto flute
Lansing McLoskey Yellow flute, clarinet, Percussion, violin, cello
Richard Brooks YEATS TRIPTYCH mixed chorus, SATB
chorus mixed (SATB)
Dane Rudhyar YEARNING (I. from Poems of Youth)
Robert Carl YEARNING electronic or computer live sound, oboe
Daniel Pinkham YE WATCHERS AND YE HOLY ONES chor,2vln,vcl,org
chorus mixed (SATB), organ
Christopher Yavelow YAVALOVELATIONS piano
Sunbin Kim XUAMAS GABRA horn, perc(1), piano
French horn, piano, Percussion
Paul Zonn XOE
Vally Weigl WYNKEN,BLYKEN & NOD 1 or 2 med voices, recorder, pf
Elias Tanenbaum WYHIWYG(What You Hear is What You Get) solo amp gtr, solo cb, cham orch:1-1-1-bcl-asax-0,0-1-1-0,2perc,vln,vla,vcl
violin, viola
Robert Carl WRITTEN ON WOOD piano, Percussion
Beth Wiemann Wrinkle bass clarinet (with low extension)
bass clarinet
Lawrence Dillon WRIGHT FLIGHT for 3 actors, projections, and chamber orchestra 2 Flutes (2nd db. Picc), 2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets in Bb, 2 Bassoons, 2 Horns in F, 2 Trumpets in C, 1 Percussion: 3 Timpani, Triangle, Two toms, slapstick, two suspended cymbals, bass drum, wind chimes, 1 Piano, Strings
David Liptak WRECKAGE OF THE MOON Medium Voice, cello
Robert Stewart WORSHIP THE LORD chorus mixed (SATB)
Christopher Shultis World's End Preludes solo piano
Irwin Fischer WORLD OF DREAM med voice, pf
Medium Voice, piano