Recently added

Lewis Nielson Aber jetzt die Nacht 2 pianos
Bruce Reiprich Evanescence solo piano
Albert Glinsky Isla del Encanto (Four Pictures of Puerto Rico) Solo Piano
Donald M. Wilson Seven Descriptive Preludes - one for each of the seven diatonic modes solo piano
Richard Cameron-Wolfe " he seemed to appear to the beast in the distance…" Solo Percussion
David Froom "Manna" Variations Wind Ensemble
Brian Fennelly "Sigol" for Two: Fantasy Duo for Violin and Cello violin, cello
Matthew Davidson #5 tape
tape (audio) fixed media
Lansing McLoskey #playlist Reed Quintet
English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, alto saxophone
Christopher Yavelow ....THE TORMENT Mezzo-Soprano, piano
Peter Pindar Stearns ...AND JESUS WHEN HE WAS BAPTISED...
Darleen Mitchell ...and the whole world was glad soprano, flute, tuba, piano
Soprano, flute, tuba, piano
Sydney Hodkinson ...AND YET SATB, pf, opt handbells
chorus mixed (SATB), piano
Daniel Tacke ...ohne thema Clarinet, Trombone, Violoncello, and Piano
clarinet, trombone, piano, cello
Daniel Tacke ...ohne worte Piano
Lansing McLoskey ...que la tierra se partio por su sonido Solo Flute and Flute Ensemble
piccolo, flute, alto flute, bass flute
James Scott Balentine ...said the Storyteller to the Devil... Violin
Robert Gibson ...these images in air Fixed Media With or Without Video
tape (audio) fixed media, video
Robert Carl 100 VIEWS FROM THE BIRD'S EYE flute (dbl picc), Flute (dbl alto fl), bass clarinet, piano
Elliott Miles McKinley 101 for Nahre solo piano
Griffith Rose 13 MORCEAUX DE PIANO POUR 39 POEMES piano
Robert McBride 1776 OVERTURE pf-4 hands
Hubert Howe 19-tone Clusters tape (audio) fixed media
Jason Belcher 1996 Violin, Clarinet, Trombone, and Piano
clarinet, trombone, piano, violin
Lou Rodgers 200 INTERNATIONAL 2 or more solo voices, vn, pf
voice(s) as instrument (no text), violin, piano
Frederic Goossen 200th ANNIVERSARY PRAYER satb,org
Tenor, Soprano, Bass (voice), organ
Andrew Ardizzoia 2020: Suite for Piano, Op. 61 Piano
Normand Lockwood 23rd PSALM sop & orch:,, timp, strings
Joel Gressel 3-4-5 TRIANGLES
Griffith Rose 34CZ Tenor, oboe, piano, cello
Griffith Rose 42 Danses Robotiques trumpet, trombone, piano, Percussion
Jason Belcher 5 Chilcot Double Bass
double bass
Burton Beerman 5-B
Elliott Miles McKinley 50+ Times Three fl, vc, pf
cello, flute, piano
Walter Mourant 76 SPECIAL band:pic-1-1-ehn-3Bbcl-Ebcl-alcl- bcl-cbcl-4sax(aatb)-1,2-3-3-euph,barhn-1,2perc
Mark Zuckerman A Beckoning Vision Treble Chorus
chorus children or treble voices
Jorge Liderman A CINQUE fl, cl, vla, vcl, pf
flute, clarinet, piano, viola, cello
Elizabeth Vercoe A LA FIN - TOUT SEUL mandolin, with optional piano
piano, mandolin
Robert Carl a-... SATB a cappella
chorus mixed (SATB)
Richard Brooks AARON'S JUBILEE organ
Daniel Tacke abend Soprano, percussion (1)
Soprano, Percussion
Philip Carlsen Able Was I 2 Cellos and 2 Sets of Block Drums
Percussion, cello
Jere Hutcheson ABOUT 4tpt, 4tbn
Joel Eric Suben ABOUT A CHILD SATB a cappella
chorus mixed (SATB)
Hubert Howe Abstractions electronic tape (CD)
tape (audio) fixed media
John E. Ferritto Abstractions Op. 39 viola and piano
viola, piano
Michael Udow Abyss of Time for Percussion Ensemble, Harmonium, Piano, and Video 12 Percussion, Harmonium, Piano (2 Players), and Video
piano, Percussion, video
Michael Udow Abyss of Time for Percussion Quartet and Video Percussion Quartet and Video
Percussion, video
Michael Udow Abyss of Time for Percussion Sextet and Video With Optional Chinese Instrument Orchestra Six Percussionists, Video, and Optional Chinese Instruments Orchestra
Percussion, video