Giant Half Steps - ACA Founders Concert, with Jazz Artists Ethan Iverson and Jeremy Siskind, May 26th


May 26 2016 - 7:30pm
L to R: Miriam Gideon, Ethan Iverson, Jeremy Siskind, Hall Overton


"Giant Half Steps"

Rare performances of works by Hall Overton and Miriam Gideon, performed by internationally-known jazz artists Ethan Iverson and Jeremy Siskind. Additional works will be performed by acclaimed new-music specialists David Oei, Jai Jeffryes, Yael Manor, Sara Schoenbeck, and Steven Beck. Composers on this concert: Miriam Gideon, Ethan Iverson, Barbara Jazwinski, Ray Luedeke, Hall Overton, Steven Sacco, Jeremy Siskind, Mark Zuckerman. 

Hall Overton - Sonata for Piano  No. 1 (1953)  (Ethan Iverson)  
Ethan Iverson - original work tbd (Ethan Iverson)

Miriam Gideon - Of Shadows Numberless (1987)  (Jeremy Siskind)   
Jeremy Siskind -
Such Harmonious Madness (2012) (Jeremy Siskind)
Steven Sacco - Book of Whimsy selections (2012) (David Oei)   
Barbara Jazwinski - Designs in Blue Shadows (2006)  (Yael Manor)  
Raymond Luedeke - Fancies and Interludes (1989) (Sara Schoenbeck bassoon, Steve Beck, piano)
Mark Zuckerman - Coming in Thirds (2009) (Jai Jeffryes)   

Spectrum NYC
121 Ludlow street, 2nd floor
New York, NY


$20 General
$15 students

[email protected]

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