TRIO for viola, percussion, and piano



vla, perc, pf

Composer's note:  Trio, for viola, percussion, and piano, was completed in 2007. Both the first and second movements feature reworking of music from an earlier, discarded work called The Indifferent Flow. The music of both the Trio and the earlier work was written for violist George Taylor, who premiered the Trio in 2007 with percussionist Jim Tiller and pianist Gregory Millar.

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$38.95 score + 2 parts



It is necessary to amplify the instruments with microphones and produce a balanced mix of acoustic and electronic sound through the speakers. The overall level of the amplified sound should immerse the audience. The fixed media electronic sound is in the form of self-contained Max app, Raba_CUES. It requires a computer  with Cycling P74Ps free MaxRuntime application. The output is stereo and can be presented in 2 channel or multi1channel (as stereo pairs).


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