Milton Adolphus


Born in the Bronx, New York City, and educated at the Curtis Institute of Music, Milton Adolphus' (1913–1988) classical compositions include over 200 orchestral, vocal and chamber works, among them 13 symphonies and 34 string quartets. In 1935 he moved to Philadelphia where he studied composition with Rosario Scalero.

For several years prior to 1936, he was busy playing piano in the leading stage and dance bands of the day; in December of that year he was appointed director of the Philadelphia Music Center. In 1938, he became a career employee of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which encompassed the extra-curricular activity of musical director of a State Employees' Choral Society. He also served as assistant organist of the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg, was chairman of the Peace Corps Service Council, and was deeply and actively involved in community, church and civic affairs.

He was also a founding member of the American Composers Alliance; a board member of the League of Composers; and active in the United States Civil Rights Movement.


ACE Publications

26 title(s)
Milton Adolphus CAPE COD SUITE, op 200 -
Flute (2), oboe (2), clarinet (2), bassoon (2), horn (4), trumpet (2), trombone (4), timpani, strings
Milton Adolphus STRING OCTET #2, op 175 -
Violin 1 (4), violin 2 (2), viola (2)
Milton Adolphus LILACS, op 95 -
SATB, piano
Milton Adolphus TRIBACH, op 101 fl, cl, pf
Milton Adolphus BITTER SUITE,op 98 -
Oboe, clarinet (4), strings
Milton Adolphus INTERLUDE, op 96 -
Cello solo, flute, oboe, clarinet (2), bassoon, horn, strings
Milton Adolphus FIVE VIGNETTES, for piano, op. 94 -
Milton Adolphus OPUS 93 -
Clarinet, piano
Milton Adolphus DREAM WORLD,op 90 pf
Milton Adolphus STRING QUARTET 23,op 91 -
String quartet
Milton Adolphus BIRTHDAY SUITE, op 87 pf
Milton Adolphus STRING QUARTET 21, op 84 -
String quartet
Milton Adolphus STRING QUARTET 20, op 80 -
String quartet
Milton Adolphus ELEGY,op,81 -
Clarinet, horn, violin, viola, cello
Milton Adolphus BOUNCETTINO, op 73 -
Viola, piano
Milton Adolphus STRING QUARTET 18, op 72 -
String quartet
Milton Adolphus STRING QUARTET 17, op 70 -
String quartet
Milton Adolphus STRING QUARTET 16(INDIAN), op 69) -
String quartet
Milton Adolphus STRING QUARTET 15, op 67 -
String quartet
Milton Adolphus STRING QUARTET 14, op 65 -
String quartet
Milton Adolphus IMPROVISATION FOR VLA & PF,op 61 vla,pf
Milton Adolphus STRING QUARTET 13, op 63 -
String quartet
Milton Adolphus STRING QUARTET 10, op 4 -
String quartet
Milton Adolphus ELEGY, OP.46 -
Clarinet, string orchestra (or string quintet)
Milton Adolphus STRING QUARTET #8, in E minor, op 41 -
String quartet

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