Gerald Warfield


After leaving Princeton in 1970 I moved to New York where I lived for 30
years. During this time, around 1985, I changed professions
(painlessly) to that of writer--witness my list of publications below.

In early 2000 I resigned my position as general manager
of SCI and left New York for Texas to be close to my sister and to help
with the family.

A Beginner’s Manual of Music 4B, 1967 (Princeton University)
Layer Analysis: a Primer of Elementary Tonal Structures, 1976 (Longman Music Series)
Writings on Contemporary Music Notations, 1977 (Music Library Association)
How to Write Music Manuscript, 1977 (Longman Music Series)
Introduction to Musical Notation, 1976 (filmstrip—Educational Audio Visual)
Layer Dictation (with Richard Brooks), 1978 (Longman Music Series)
The Investor’s Guide to Stock Quotations, 1982 (HarperCollins) four editions
How To Buy Foreign Stocks and Bonds,1984 (HarperCollins)
How To Read the Financial News, 1986 (HarperCollins)
Export-Import Financing (with Harry Venedikian), 1986 (Willey & Sons) four editions
No Nonsense Guides to the Stock Market (1991), Mutual Funds (1991), Tax-Free Bonds (1992), Managing Your Stock Portfolio (1993), Money Market Funds, (1993) all published by Longmeadow
Feng Shui Revealed (with R.D. Chin), 1997 (Clarkson Potter)

Treader From the Sea – the story of a green sea turtle and the
two great nesting colonies in the Caribbean: Tortuguero, Costa Rico;
and Aves Island in the eastern Caribbean.

The Last Gargoyle – the story of a girl’s summer in Philadelphia
and her discovery of the last gargoyle, an ancient creature imprisoned
from the time of King Arthur and stolen from a cathedral in Normandy.
(Young Adult)

The Easter Island Murder – a man goes to Easter Island seeking a
possible half-brother to discover that not only does his half brother
exist: he is a drag queen and charged with murder.

Disciple of Earth -- a young, gay, indentured servant attempts
to become a mage despite the rigid stratification of the medieval world
in which the story is set. It is a story of heroes and the awakenoing
of love.

Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians (1976 edition), Strategy-Plus (computer game magazine), and SCI Newsletter.

ACE Publications

11 title(s)
Gerald Warfield CHELSEA SUITE cb,pf
Gerald Warfield FANTASY QUINTET fl(or ob),cl,pf,vln,vcl
Gerald Warfield MINIATURE fl,pf
Gerald Warfield NOISELESS PATIENT SPIDER satb OR ttbb OR ssaa
Gerald Warfield ROMANCES & METAMORPHOSES fl(or ob),cl,vln,vcl,pf
Gerald Warfield STUDY OF TWO PEARS bbar,pf OR hgbar,pf OR sop,pf
Gerald Warfield TRANSFORMED PRELUDE (Bach Prelude in Eb min) pf, orch1-2-2-1, 4-2-2-0, 2perc, str, OR cham orch 1-1-1-1, 2-1-1-0, perc,str w/pf solo
Gerald Warfield TROPHY sop,pf(or pf,vln,vcl)
Gerald Warfield TWO FOR THREE fl,ob,cl,alcl
Gerald Warfield VARIATIONS & METAMORPHOSIS,for Vcl Ens vcl ensemble:2 soloists + 4 others minimum

Additional Works