Scott L. Miller's RABA in multiple live shows, September 25- 29


Sep 28 2018 - 7:00pm

Scott L. Miller's work RABA, featuring flutist Laura Cocks, and guitarist Daniel Lippel with the Estonian group Ensemble U, was released on New Focus Recordings in March of this year. Upcoming events include several back to back shows including a RABA residency at SUNY Oneonta, Sept 25-26; a performance of RABA at Spectrum, Sept 28, and RABA at Scandinavia House, Sept 29.

Scott L. Miller's "Raba" reflects his increasing interest over the last two decades in ambient music inspired by sounds of the environment. Miller is a pioneer in the field of eco-systemic music and in applications of the performance platform Kyma, as well as being active in many contexts of multi-media work -- accompanying the New Focus release is a limited edition DVD of original video content created for the project.