Scott L. Miller's The Blue in the Distance for immersive film and chamber ensemble, Premiere, Nov.15


Nov 15 2019 - 7:30pm

This Friday, November 15, at St. Cloud State University is the premiere performance of Scott L. Miller's The Blue in the Distance, a 360º ​immersive​ film presented with live music, setting the poem by MN Poet Laureate Joyce Sutphen, performed by soprano Tracey Engleman and Zeitgeist. There will be a public reading and interview with Joyce Sutphen at the Miller Center Auditorium from 4 - 5 pm, and the concert will be in the Ruth Gant Recital Hall at 7:30 pm. 

Audience members will be provided with Virtual Reality headsets to watch the immersive 360º film version while Zeitgeist and Engleman perform the music live. Audience members who arrive after all headsets have been distributed (or who are uncomfortable wearing a headset) can watch a 2D version of the film projected on a screen in the hall. ​