Saturn Dreams of Mercury and other works in performance this month, by Lawrence Dillon


Jun 19 2013 - 7:00pm

Lawrence Dillon’s Saturn Dreams Lawrence DillonLawrence Dillonof Mercury for string trio will be performed on Wednesday, June 19 at 7:00 PM by members of The Atlantic Ensemble as part of their concert at Truro Meetinghouse, First Congregational Parish, located at 1 First Parish Lane in Truro, Massachusetts. The Atlantic Ensemble's members are: Wei Tsun Chang, violin; Seanad Dunigan Chang, viola; Kirsten Cassel Greer, cello; and Jennifer McGuire, piano

His Broomstick for violin and piano will be performed on Thursday, June 20 at 8:00 PM at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 115 W 7th Street in Charlotte, North Carolina as part of the Charlotte New Music Festival.

The composer writes, “In outlining his second artistic principle – Quickness – Italo Calvino describes himself as “a Saturn who dreams of being a Mercury,” an older man predisposed to introversion and melancholy who nonetheless aspires to the speed and agility of the young god in winged sandals. That image tweaked a musical response from, and the result was Saturn Dreams of Mercury.”

Other composers on the June 19 program include Schubert, Beethoven, Mark O’Connor, Michael Kurek and Scott Joplin. The concert is free and open to the public, but donations will be accepted. For more information, visit

Dillon writes about Broomstick, “To illustrate the first of his six artistic principles – Lightness – Italo Calvino recalls the weight of the domestic life borne by women through the centuries. In a leap that conveys the power of the imagination, these women took the tool of their servitude – the broom – and transformed it into an extraordinary symbol of lightness and power, donning their steep-peaked hats and soaring off to the moon.”

Other composers on the program are Adam Neal, Elizabeth Kowalski, Paul Watkins, Kim Chung Eun, Kaitlyn Wagner, Zach Albrecht, Ron Parks and Evan Williams.

For tickets and more information about the June 20 program and the Charlotte New Music Festival, visit