Robert Scott Thompson wins prize with "Nullius in Verba" - upcoming concert in Prague, Dec. 14


Dec 14 2018 - 7:00pm

Nullius in Verba, a new electroacoustic work by Robert Scott Thompson, has been awarded the Honorable Mention (second prize) at Musica Nova 2018 "Fantasy and Technology" in Prague.  A concert of the selected winners will take place on December 14 at Theatre of Inspiration (HAMU), Malostranské sqr. 1, Prague 1, Entry fee 70 CZK, under 15 years free. Broadcasts of the works will follow variously around the EU.

Compositions were received from composers in 26 countries.  In category A (studio), the winner:
Epa Fassianos (Greece) - Chromatocosmos
Honorary mention: Robert Scott Thompson USA Nullius in verba

Finalists: Nahuel Litwin (Argentina) Grito Enceguecido + Antonio Scarcia (IT) Interludio And I Rejoice in My Bonnie Bell

In category B (live E + instruments/voices + E), the winner:
John Young UK  - Magnetic Resonance
Honorary mentions: Zurine Gerenabarrena (Spain) Luze + Gilles Gobeil CA Détour