Robert Scott Thompson CD release: Visitation (Out of the Vivid Air)


Sep 30 2012 - 12:00am

Out of the Vivid Air is an octophonic electroacoustic work that grew out of another closely-related work, Vivid Air, an extended thirty-two minute work for solo percussionist, real-time sound processing, and electroacoustic sounds. Both Vivid Air and Out of the Vivid Air, by composer Robert Scott Thompson, have been released on CD by Aucourant Media with percussionist Stuart Gerber.

These works owe much to the collaboration between the composer and percussionist Dr. Stuart Gerber, to whom the score of Vivid Air is dedicated.  Out of the Vivid Air utilizes sounds drawn from the solo percussion part of the parent work, as performed by Dr. Gerber. Product details - order now on Amazon.  Live perf version on Soundcloud 

This work was originally composed by invitation for premiere during the 30th Annual New Music Festival of the Mid-American Center for Contemporary Music, Bowling Green, Ohio in 2009, and is presented on this recording in a stereo realization.

Robert Scott Thompson is a composer of electroacoustic and computer music as well as music for chamber ensemble and orchestra. A student of Roger Reynolds, Bernard Rands, F. Richard Moore and Joji Yuasa, he earned the Ph.D. in composition in 1990 from the University of California at San Diego, where he was a research assistant at the Center for Music Experiment (CME), Computer Audio Research Laboratory (CARL) from 1984 to 1989. In 1991 Thompson was a Fulbright Research Scholar working at the Danish Institute of Electroacoustic Music (DIEM) where he created the 70' computer work The strong Eye. He has received several international prizes and distinctions for his works in competitions such as the 1995 Irino Prize in Chamber Music(Japan), the Fondazione "Luigi Russolo" tape music prize (Italy) and Bourges Electroacoustic Music (France), among others. His work has been presented in festivals such as the Koriyama Bienalle, Sound, Presences, Synthese, Sonorities, ICMC, SEAMUS and the Cabrillo Music Festival, and broadcast on Radio France, BBC, NHK, ABC, WDR, and NPR. His music is published on recordings by EMF Media, Neuma, Drimala, Capstone, Hypnos, Oasis/Mirage, Groove, Lens, Space for Music, Sound for Good, Zero Music, Twelfth Root, and Aucourant record labels, among others, and in print by Aucourant Media Productions and American Composers Alliance.