Robert Scott Thompson and Hubert Howe recognized with awards from Musica Nova 2015, Czech Republic


Dec 11 2015 - 7:00pm
The Society for Electroacoustic Music of Czech Republic, International Electroacoustic Music Competition
 announces several awards for MUSICA NOVA 2015. 68 pieces were considered from 24 countries.

Robert Scott Thompson, of Georgia State University in Atlanta, received a honorary mention in two categories. 
the Jury included:
Lenka Dohnalová, Rainer Bürck, Juraj Ďuriš, Pavel Kopecký, Michal Košut, Peter Nelson, Rudolf Růžička

A concert of winning and honorary works will take place at the theatre Alfred ve dvoře, in PRAGUE, Czech Republic,

December 11, 2015 at 7 pm

Category A (compositions of autonomous art electroacoustic music)
First Prize
Elizabeth L. Anderson (Belgium/USA) Solar Winds…and Beyond

Honorary Mentions
Adrian Moore (Great Britain) Nebula Sequence
James O’Callaghan (Canada) Isomorphic
Robert Scott Thompson (USA) Sattva

Other Finalists
David Berezan (Canada) Starboard
Hubert Howe (USA) Inharmonic Fantasy No.4
Jean Monique (Canada) Volt_#1
João Pedro Oliveira (Portugal) Neshamah
Michal Rataj (Czech Republic) Winter Shadowy
Sam Salem (Great Britain) Himlen Var
Virgine Viel (France) Nyx

Category B (compositions for acoustic instrument/voice/ensemble & electroacoustic media/LE)
First Prize
Michal Rataj (Czech Republic) Small Imprints
Honorary Mention
Robert Scott Thompson (USA) Mettā
Other Finalists
Roderik de Man (Holland) Siamo Sardi
João Pedro Oliveira (Portugal) Rust
Pete Stollery (Great Britain) Diverse Tremblings

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