Robert Carl's Wind's Trace on Leaves and Waves, performance in Brooklyn, April 25


Apr 25 2015 - 8:00pm

String Quintets by Robert Carl and James Sellars, to be performed April 25 at Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn, New York City.

Composer's note (excerpt) on Wind's Traces: 

I’ve been wanting to transcribe the wind. But the  wind,  I’ve  come  to  realize,  really  doesn’t  have  sound  of  its  own.  What  one  really  hears  (and sees) at a seascape is its effect on the land and water---the rustling of branches and leaves on shrubs and grasses, the sculpting of sand, the surface texturing of waves. Hence the title, The Wind’s  Trace  Rests  on  Leaves  and  Waves.  This  quintet  evokes  the  play  of  the  wind  over a seascape.