Richard Hervig Memorial Concert, March 27 at 2pm


Mar 27 2011 - 2:00pm

Richard Hervig, 1960Richard Hervig, 1960Join the Center for New Music at the University of IOWA School of Music as they pay tribute to their beloved founder and respected composer Richard Hervig. Concert this Sunday, March 27 at 2pm at Riverside Recital Hall, with David Gompper, pianist, and other performers.

American composer and educator, Richard Hervig (1917-2010) studied English at Augustana College, Sioux Falls, South Dakota (BA 1939), and after teaching for a time in the public schools, studied composition with Philip Greeley Clapp at the University of Iowa (MA 1942, PhD 1947). He joined the UI faculty in 1955 and became the founding director of the Center for New Music in 1966. Upon his retirement in 1988, he was appointed to a post at the Juilliard School. His pupils have included Charles Dodge and William Hibbard, among others. He has received commissions from the National Music Council, the National Federation of Music Clubs, and numerous performers.

Hervig's compositions, most of which are instrumental and tonal, show a disciplined approach to standard forms and an exploration of timbral possibilities. In two early works, the Clarinet Sonata no.1 and the String Quartet, he casts sections in conflicting rhythms, exploiting the resulting tensions. In the Chamber Music for Six Players, he continued his concern for establishing relationships between the parts while maintaining a separate musical personality for each instrument; in this way, his compositional approach takes on concerns more readily associated with the theatre.