Richard Cameron-Wolfe and William Alves - New Music Virtuosi - Oct 25


Oct 25 2015 - 8:00pm

Richard Cameron-Wolfe is participating in “New Music Virtuosi” - a free concert shared with California-based composer William Alves, to be held on Sunday, October 25 at 8:00PM in Drinkward Recital Hall at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California.

       In addition to works by Mr. Alves, four compositions by Cameron-Wolfe are included: An Inventory of Damaged Goods (2014 piano solo; premiere), Mute Hand Muse (2015 micro-opera for soprano, alto/bass flutes, and piano; libretto by the composer; premiere), “O minstrel…” (soprano and guitar; 2012, with text by the 13th-century Sufi poet Fakhruddin Iraqi; US premiere), and the revival of his 1976 Gregorian-chant-based microtonal work Kyrie(Mantra)II (flute and prepared piano – also recently performed by Rachel Rudich and Gayle Blankenburg at Pomona College on September 27).