Percussion Ensembles in Concert at University of Akron, including Circlings by Christopher Shultis


Nov 27 2013 - 12:00am

Percussion ensembles in concert

The percussion ensembles, under the direction of Professor Larry Snider, presented a concert on Tuesday, Nov. 26, at 8 p.m. in Guzzetta Recital Hall

The program included Harrison's “Fugue,” Morag's “Octabones,” Lansky's “Threads,” Athanasiadis' “Dance of the Seven Veils,” Shorley's “Rice Paper Scissors,” Mazzariello's “Babybo.t” and both “Waldmusik” and “Circlings” by Christopher Shultis.

Directed by Dr. Larry Snider, Professor of Percussion at The University of Akron, the UA Percussion Ensemble is part of the current percussion explosion involving artists, composers and audience members.

The ensemble is dedicated to performing serious works by John Cage, Lou Harrison, Steve Reich, Paul Lansky, John Luther Adams, David Lang and many more notable experimental composers.

To enhance the genre and engage new audiences, the UA Percussion Ensemble has commissioned works by composers Marta Ptaszynska and Stuart Saunders Smith and, most recently, works by London microtonal composer James Wood and a marimba and vibraphone duet by composer Martin Bresnick.

Waldmusik by Christopher Shultis and Hee Sook Kim