Parma/Ravello releases Hubert Howe's "Clusters"


Sep 15 2011 - 10:00am

New album of electronic music by New York composer released August 30.

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CLUSTERS features the computer synthesis- based compositions of New York-based Hubert Howe. Howe, one of the first researchers in computer music, uses his vast knowledge of the subject and his studies in sound to create sprawling, atmospheric works that help expose the world of inharmonic partials and nonconventional instruments. Each piece uses properties of sound in unique ways, leading to carefully crafted and planned soundscapes. Howe's expertise is reinforced by his accompanying text, which offers detailed explanations of the composition and implementation of each piece.

Hubert S. Howe, Jr. was born in Portland, Oregon in 1942 and grew up in Los Angeles, California, where he began his musical studies as an oboist. He was educated at Princeton University , where he studied with J. K. Randall, Godfrey Winham and Milton Babbitt, and from which he received the A.B., M.F.A. and Ph.D. degrees. He was one of the first researchers in computer music, and became Professor of Music and Director of the Electronic Music studios at Queens College of the City University of New York. He also taught at the Juilliard School from 1974 through 1994. In 1988-89 he held the Endowed Chair in Music at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. From 1989 to 1998 and 2000 to 2001 he was Director of the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College.

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