"Out Front" Solo Music from ACA - Friday, Feb. 14th at Tenri Cultural Institute, NYC, 7pm

Fri - February 14, 2014, 7:00 pm


"Out Front" Solo Music from ACA - Friday, Feb. 14th at Tenri Cultural Institute, NYC, 7pm

Join us for two sets of music on Valentine's Day, including an intermission with food and drink at the beautiful Tenri Cultural Institute in Greenwich Village, on 13th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. 

This concert will be presented as part of February's Composers Now Festival 2014, which takes place throughout the city. 

Arthur MoellerArthur MoellerAnthony LaLenaAnthony LaLenaAmelia LukasAmelia LukasHarley GaberHarley GaberSteven BeckSteven BeckZach Herchen & Elisabeth HallidayZach Herchen & Elisabeth HallidaySarah McKittrick SethiSarah McKittrick SethiZach HerchenZach HerchenBeth WiemannBeth Wiemann



Elisabeth HallidayElisabeth Halliday


The evening focuses exclusively on solo music written by ACA-published composers. For years, contemporary composers and performers have been using galleries and other intimate spaces as a platform for developing new works, and encouraging dialogues with their audience. 

The concert will feature works selected, performed, and championed by young performers who specialize in new music. ACA is also paying tribute to two  members on the program: Harley Gaber (1943-2011), and Allan Blank (1925-2013). Blank's Interacting Patterns was his last completed solo instrumental work and is a world premiere.   




New York City Premiere*
World Premiere **

Program as Planned:

First Set:

Christopher Auerbach-Brown - Dolph-in' *   Amy Advocat, bass clarinet  

David Liptak - Freight *                             Anthony LaLena, guitar

Allan Blank - Interacting Patterns   **          Sarah McKittrick Sethi, bassoon   

Darleen Mitchell - Dichotic Sounds I  *      Amelia Lukas, alto flute

Martin Boykan - Towards the Horizon  *      Steven Beck, piano

David Froom - Flying High  *                   Zach Herchen, alto saxophone


Second Set:

Harley Gaber - Koku                                       Amelia Lukas, flute                     

Marilyn Shrude - Visions in Metaphor   *            Zach Herchen, alto saxophone

Richard Cameron-Wolfe - MeMarie                 Elisabeth Halliday, Soprano

Robert Ceely - Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc  *       Beth Wiemann, bass clarinet

Eleanor Cory - Ehre                                       Arthur Moeller, violin

Barbara Jazwinski - Dialoghi  *                       Steven Beck, piano


Tickets available $10/ $15 for 2, in Advance
$10 per person at the door

Tenri Cultural Institute




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