NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival April 2-6, music of Hubert Howe, John Melby, John Gibson, James Paul Sain, and many others.


Apr 2 2013 - 7:30pm

Tonight begins the 2013 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival.  21 concerts will be presented between Tuesday and Saturday April 2-6.  Distinguished guests from all over the world will take part in the festival.  Further details are available at Most concerts are at the CUNY Graduate Center, but the opening program on Tuesday April 2nd is at the Skirball Center at NYU. Other concerts are at Galapagos Art Space and Shape Shifter Lab, both in Brooklyn.

2013 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival  Concert Schedule below. For tickets, venue maps, etc. go here.



Tuesday, April 2 

Concert 1: Skirball Center, NYU, 7:30-10 PM


Andrew Lewis, Dark Glass 

Eric Lyon, NJ Honcho Wing (for John Chowning)

Elsa Justel, Yegl

Terry Pender, A Gentle Man

Francesco Galante, Itineraires (pour Edgard Varèse)

Tae Hong Park, The Machine Stops

Judy Klein, The Wolves of Bays Mountain

Christopher Haworth, Vertizontal Hearing (Up & Down, I then II)

Elizabeth Hoffman, Soundendipities

Eric Lyon, Spaced Images with Noise and Lines 

Hubert Howe, Emergence


Full schedule (continued)

Wednesday, April 3


Installation, Elebash Lobby, 10:00 AM-7:00 PM 

Robert Mackay, Lara Goodband, John Wedgewood Clarke, Sea Wall


Concert 2: 11-12, Elebash Hall

Curated Concert presented by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, University of Huddersfield (UK)

featuring Heather Roche on clarinets


Alex Harker, Fluence

Julio d'Escrivan, aguas tranquilas corren profundo

Monty Adkins, Four Shibusa (no.4 - Permutations)

Geoff Cox, Voicing Deconstruction

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, La rupture inéluctable


Concert 3: 1:30-3 PM, Elebash Hall


Dan Tramte, The God Particle

Christopher Cook, Siren Song

Kotoka Suzuki, while ripples enlace...

Ursula Meyer-König, l'espace entre les souvenirs

Gerard Gormley, Bunker

Anthony Tan, Pose I: Between the Sadness

Michael Gogins, Blue Leaves 5a

Travis Garrison, Selectric.metal

Mark Oliveiro, Tartarian Psalms

John Nichols III, Amovi Alaan


Concert 4: 4:30-6 PM, Elebash Hall


David Taddie, Category 5 (Echoes)

Mari Ohno, Floating sound

Christopher Chandler, a thing of dream and mist

Brona Martin, All Along the Bell Tower

Butch Rovan, Desire with Digressions

Patrick Conlon and Christina Giacona, Retro Rhapsody

Tae Hong Park, T1

Margaret Schedel, Partita, Perihelion


Concert 5: 7:15-9:15 Elebash Hall


Andy Dolphin, Mint Cascade

Andrew May, Ripped-Up Maps

Adam Scott Neal, C/K/P

George Brunner, La Nuit dans le Marais

Stephen David Beck, Unhinged

Andrew Babcock, Reconstruction

Maurice Wright, A Fish's Tale

Savannah Agger, Guiame los pasos

Jeffrey Stolet, Lariat Rituals

Nils Potet, Reflet


Thursday, April 4


Installation, Elebash Lobby, 10:00 AM-7:00 PM

Nathan Bowen, 4Quarters


Concert 6: 11:30-12:30 Segal Hall


Andrew Bluff, The Post-Industrial Frogscape

Taryn Mongillo, KAIROS

Ying-Jung Chen, Deconstruction of the Piano

Travis Houldcroft, System/Disperse

Alessio Gabriele, Unanima

Alejandro Casales, Nymphaeas


Concert 7: Music in Midtown, 1-2 PM Elebash Hall, featuring Madeleine Shapiro, cellist


Judith Shatin, For the Fallen

Michael Clarke, Enmeshed 3

Anna Rubin, The Beekeepers

Mark Ainger, 13forLucky

John Gibson, Red Plumes

Andreas Weixler, Die Grenzen des Zufalls


Concert 8: 2:30-3:30 PM, Segal Hall


Curated Concert presented by Diego Garro, Keele University (UK)

Dave Barnett, Crypticdes

Vincent Chan, Wire

Diego Garro, Patah

Chris Pedder, Virus

Scott Voisey, Tranquility Blue


Concert 9 : 4-5 PM, Elebash Hall


Jon Anderson, luft am morgen

Christian Banasik, I see a voice (ver. 2)

Christopher Burns, Jacquard

Karin Senff, XRF

Nina C. Young, Sun Propeller

Javier Garavaglia and Claudia Robles, Wooden Worlds   


Concert 10: 5:30-6:30 PM, Segal Hall


Manuella Blackburn, Javaari

Young-Shin Choi, Pamuk for gayageum and electronics

Antonio Mazzotti, Wall of Breath

Yota Kobayashi, Shikisou

John Melby, Layers

Jana Irmert, T like a cross


Concert 11: 7:30-9:30 PM, Elebash Hall

James Paul Sain, Beondegi

Brian Belet, Summer Phantoms: Nocturne

Hans Tutschku, Klaviersammlung

Mara Helmuth, Expanding Space

David Berezan, Thumbs

Takayuki Rai, Discrete Transfer for Piano and Computer

YuChung Tseng, Points of Departure, 2. 17 vars.

Monique Jean, Givre


Friday, April 5

Installation, Elebash Lobby, 10:00 AM-7:00 PM

Zachary Seldess, Voicelobes


Concert 12: 11AM-12noon, Segal Hall


Travis Ellrott,  In Okinawa (7)

Paola Lopreiato, Altre voci, altre stanze

Kuei-Fan Lin, Id, Super-ego, and Ego

Kristina Wolfe, Ineffably Poignant Future Pastness

Jing Wang, Brahmanda

Peter McCulloch, Rust Belt


Concert 13: 12:30-1:30 PM, Elebash Hall


Thomas Ciufo, Fragments

Marta Gentilucci, As Far as the Eye Can See

Adam Vidiksis, synapse_circuit

Elaine Thomazi-Freitas, the broken is the beautiful...

Briggan Krauss, Singularity


Concert 14: 2-3 PM, Segal Hall

Curated concert presented by Theodore Lotis, Corfu, Greece


Theodoros Karkatselas, Sting

Andreas Mniestris, Variations' Variations

Apostolos Loufopoulos, Bee

Theodoros Lotis, Arioso Dolente / Beethoven Op. 110

Orestis Karamanlis, Toys


Concert 15: 3:30-4:30 PM, Elebash Hall


João Pedro Oliveira, Vox Sum Vitae

Nicola Monopoli, La Quiete, La Fuga, Disordine

James Andean, Hyvät matkustajat / The Good Travellers

Cort Lippe, Music for Cajon and Computer

Joo Won Park, Block Routine

Daniel Mayer, Lokale Orbits/Solo 5


Concert 16: 5-6 PM, Segal Hall


Se-Lien Chuang, Of which your soul was constituted

David Z. Durant, Bay

Tom Erbe (John Cage), Williams Mix

Stephanie Moore, Pleine lune

Thomas Dempster, 10 Roentgens

Ben Ramsay, Volmet North


Concert 17: 7:15-9:15, Elebash Hall


Miguel Chuaqui, Trance

Jane Rigler, The Calling

Eric Chasalow, Are You Radioactive, Pal?

Karl Wilfried Jentzsch, Widerschein des Lichtes (Ashen Light)

Kyong Mee Choi, To Unformed

Kallie Marie, Nothing's ever Finished

Benjamin Broening, Twilight Shift

Mei-Fang Lin, Flux

James Dashow, Soundings in Pure Duration 4

Tom Williams, Dart


Concert 18: 10PM-1AM, Galapagos Art Space


Giulio Colangelo, Thauma

Luca De Siena, Concrezione

Max Alper, peacenoisefarrockaway

Stijn Govaere, Entomon

Alejandra Hernandez, Rompe calanda

Eric Lein, Midnight Musings

David Mendoza, Séance for violin and electronics

Ayako Sato, kakurega

Nichola Scrutton, Fretwork

Amanda Stuart, Light and Sharpness

Justin Writer, Home Works

James Borchers, Talking Drum

Brian House, I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One

Andrew Martin Smith, Ambiance

Snowkrash, Pomme de l’eau


Saturday, April 6


Concert 19: 12-2 PM, ShapeShifter Lab

Rodney Waschka II, Diptych

Marshall Jones, Campanology

André Brégégère, Against the Grain

William Price, WOOSH

Jerod Sommerfeldt, Linear

Jeff Weston, Line in/out

Izzi Ramkissoon, Kill Switch

Maximilian Yip, Nature

Stephen Pearse, Overture

Roy Vanegas, Finalstrinë

Daniel Fine, Chuva Obliqua

Benjamin O’Brien, Densité


Concert 20: 3-5 PM, ShapeShifter Lab

Donal Sarsfield, The Snare Piece

Howie Kenty,    We Have Less Time Than You Think

Jeffrey Roberts, Song of the Roosting Crows (guqin & live electronics)

Jorge Variego, Ornet

Dafna Naphtali & Hans Tammen, Mechanique(s)77

Levy Lorenzo, Modified Attack

Leonello Tarabella, Jacaranda

Timothy Page, Toccata for Halldorophone, Clar. and Electronics

Federico Ortica, M. For Tymp


Concert 21: 8-10 PM, ShapeShifter Lab


Felipe Otondo, Irama

Gerd Rische, Risk 1

V. Core & F. Scacchi, Miss Candace Hilligoss’ flickering halo

Diana Salazar, Capsicum Fever

Chester Udell, Steel Golem

Andrew Walters, Pan?s Music Imparts Form to Primal Matter

David Mitchell, Howl

Bo Yue (Maggie), Small Change

Oliver Carman, Electric Strings