New Music from Matthew Greenbaum, Chester Biscardi, David Rakowski, and more, April 3rd


Apr 3 2012 - 8:00pm
mezzo-sopranoRe'ut Ben Ze'evmezzo-sopranoAMPHIBIAN   NEW MUSIC AND VIDEO AT THE HIART GALLERY  227 West 29th Street New York, NY

APRIL 3 2012 8PM  THE CYGNUS ENSEMBLE  with Re'ut Ben Ze'ev, mezzo soprano

Shoko Suzuki, Sho gyo mu jo for theorbo & baritone
David Claman, gone for foreign, for tutti Cygnus
Chester Biscardi, Resisting Stillness, for two guitars
Milton Babbitt, Soli e Duettini, for two guitars

David Rakowski, Zyg Zag, for tutti Cygnus
Matthew Greenbaum,
   Venerable Canons, for flute & violin
and   “Mittags,” from Rope and Chasm, for mezzo-soprano, electronic sound and video