New album released by Jai Jeffryes includes Mark Zuckerman's Coming in Thirds for solo piano


Mar 1 2016 - 12:00pm
CD cover painting by Sally NovakThe mission of the Tangent Shores project is to connect new piano music and new music lovers. Curator - Performer - Producer Jai Jeffryes programs new works along with traditional repertory. He recently recorded and released Tangent Shores  under his independent label, Steel Wig Records, Inc. News about the project can be found in the Tangent Shores newsletter, Message in a Bottle.


The debut release of Tangent Shores features the music of talented composers both young and established.
  • Talia Amar: Phantasmagoria
  • Richard Cionco: Four Postcards
  • Devin Farney: The Road Less Traveled
  • Sara Graef: Nottanosti
  • Joseph Prestamo: Ballade
  • Garrett Shatzer: Three Preludes
  • Ryan Suleiman: Under Moonlight
  • Waddy Thompson: Seasons of New York
  • Mark Zuckerman: Coming in Thirds